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Today: Saturday 5th November

The Greek prime minister, George Papandreou, has won a vote of confidence in Athens - but the future of his government remains uncertain. And later on the programme, Johnny Depp on the price of fame and his new film - Rum Diary.

The US has made it clear that it will not be participating financially in the eurozone bailout, and they bristled at suggestions their power in the world has been diminished because of that. However, North America editor Mark Mardell has been investigating whether, a year from the presidential election, Barack Obama's foreign policy puts into question America's ability to lead.

The General Assembly of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics has approved the names of three new elements to be added to the Periodic Table. Professor Andrea Sella, from the department of chemistry at UCL, describes the new elements.

Sport news with Rob Bonnet.

Although a peace deal was brokered by the Arab League in Syria to stop the daily attacks on protesters by the forces of President Assad, yesterday at least 15 protesters were killed. Middle East correspondent John Leyne and Rosemary Hollis, Professor of Middle East policy studies at City University, analyses the effect of Syria's potential suspension from the Arab League.

A review of the papers.

Three Pakistan cricketers involved in spot-betting scandal were jailed on Thursday. Lord McLaurin, former England and Wales Cricket Board chairman, discusses the damage this has done to the sport and whether the verdict will change anything.

Thought for The Day with the Reverend Dr Giles Fraser of the Church of England.

The UK Border Force is accused this morning of deliberately scaling down some identity checks, the head of the whole force, Brodie Clark, has been suspended along with two other officials. Sue Smith, from the Public and Commercial Service Union, and Mark Reckless, Conservative member of the Home Affairs Select Committee outline their concerns about the UK Border Agency.

Earlier this morning, Greece's George Papandreou won a vote of confidence, although it is perhaps only a matter of time before he has to stand down. After a week of turmoil in Greece, John Humphrys has been gauging the mood of young people in front of the parliament building.

Before the writer Hunter S. Thompson shot himself in 2005, the actor Johnny Depp had promised that he would turn one of his earliest manuscripts, called the Rum Diary, into a film. Sarah Montague went to meet Johnny Depp and asked him how he had come across the manuscript in the first place. This is an extended version of the broadcast interview.

As the Greek prime minister narrowly won a vote of no confidence last night, what happens next? Greek shadow finance minister Notis Mitarakis assesses Papandreou's future.

Sport news with Rob Bonnet.

G20 leaders in Cannes failed to agree on specific details for boosting the resources of the IMF. Former foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Lord Hannay, former British ambassador to the UN and to the EU, debate if the G20 summit has exposed a failure of leadership on the part of European governments.

Several people have died in a crash on the M5 in Somerset last night. Michael Wagner witnessed the aftermath as he drove past on the other side of the motorway and John Maguire reports from the scene.

A review of the papers.

The head of the UK Border Force has been suspended amid accusations of deliberately scaling down some identity checks. Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs select committee, explains why he is unhappy at the revelations.

It was announced this week that a new album of recordings by the late soul singer Amy Winehouse will be released later this month. Neil McCormick, the Daily Telegraph's Rock Critic, discusses if posthumous albums have any artistic merit or whether they are just cynical moneyspinners.

The main opposition party in Greece has called for the Prime Minister to resign following a week of turmoil. Michael Kosmides and Stefanos Kasimadis, both leading analysts and commentators, " STYLE="LINK_Inline">debate what effect a reshuffle of the Greek government is likely to have.



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