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Today: Wednesday 26th October

European leaders return to Brussels for another summit, three days after failing to reach a deal to resolve the eurozone debt crisis. There is to be an independent review of the breast cancer screening programme in England, after criticism of the scheme. And also on today's programme how to write a successful TV theme tune.

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Business news with Simon Jack on latest in the search for a solution to the eurozone debt crisis, and a fall in profits at Amazon.

A report by the Royal United Services Institute says Britain is not ready for another war due to defence cuts. Author of the report, Gwyn Prins explains why.

Could the Middle East bail out Europe? As European leaders prepare to thrash out a plan to tackle the debt crisis, the BBC's Katy Watson reports from the United Arab Emirates on whether attracting funds from private investors could be an option.

The stakes are high for Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi as he goes to Brussels with an economic reform plan that falls short of the demands of other eurozone leaders. Europe editor Gavin Hewitt reports ahead of the latest meetings to try and solve the eurozone debt crisis.

The government is being urged to change employment tribunal laws, which some argue are stifling business. Sean Dempsey, of the Lewis Silkin law firm, explains his concerns.

Business news. Evgeny Lebedev, owner of the Evening Standard and the Independent, tells Simon Jack where he thinks the UK's newspaper industry is headed.

New figures indicate that 40% of the young people being held in custody in this country come from an ethnic minority. Frances Done of the UK's Youth Justice Board explains why.

Sport news with Garry Richardson.

The latest European summit is being billed as the last chance to come up with a solution to the eurozone debt crisis. Business editor Robert Peston and former chancellor Lord Lamont discuss the implications for Britain if an agreement is not found.

A review of the papers.

The Oscar-winning composer behind numerous TV signature theme tunes has penned the music for David Attenborough's latest TV series, Frozen Planet. George Fenton talks about being the little-known face behind some of the nation's best-known tunes.

Thought for The Day with Akhandadhi Das, a Vaishnav Hindu teacher and theologian.

An independent review is to examine the merits of the NHS breast cancer screening programme in England following research which questioned the effectiveness of screening. Professor Sir Mike Richards, the cancer director for England, and Professor Michael Baum, an architect of the original breast screening scheme, debate the pros and cons of the present system.

Europe's leaders are meeting once again to find a way of tackling the EU's economic woes. Economic editor Stephanie Flanders outlines what the latest summit is trying to achieve and the Financial Times's Martin Wolf examines the significance of the outcome of the meeting.

David Cameron has written to Commonwealth leaders asking for support in changing the Royal succession laws, allowing for the first-born child of Prince William and Kate, whether a girl or boy, to be next in line to the throne. Lord Archer and the Daily Mail's Robert Hardman debate the proposal.

A new biography, Who Was Hurricane Higgins?, looks at the life of the mercurial snooker player who died a year ago in Belfast at the age of 61. Nicola Stanbridge met its author Tony Francis and snooker player Jimmy White, Alex Higgins' best friend.

Sport news with Garry Richardson.

One of the criticisms levelled at the NHS is its lack of cohesion, meaning patients, particularly those with long-term illnesses, may not be receiving the best care. Sancha Berg examines if a pilot scheme in north west London, aiming to integrate healthcare, could be the answer.

The prime minister has commissioned a report into whether workers have too many rights under reforms made to employment laws in the 1970s. Sarah Veale of the Trades Union Congress explains why she thinks employment tribunals need to be protected.

Business news with Simon Jack.

Italy's prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has reportedly made a deal with his coalition partners to step down in the coming months. David Willey reports from Rome.

The issue of Europe and whether to join the single currency has been a contentious one in British politics for decades. Former Labour foreign secretary and leader of the Social Democrats Lord Owen and Lord Liddle, a former adviser to Tony Blair and Lord Mandelson, give their thoughts.



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