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Today: Thursday 13th October

Inspections of NHS hospitals in England have found one in five are failing to meet standards of care for elderly patients. A housing charity says average rents are now too expensive for ordinary working families in more than half the local authority areas of England. And also on the programme, Tony Blair gets the Comic Strip treatment.

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Business news with Simon Jack, on Europe's banks and a new airbus factory opening in North Wales.

A major exhibition has opened at the Barbican Art Gallery of the work of OMA - described as "one of the most influential architectural practices working today". The Dutch architect behind it, Rem Koolhaas, reflects on how bespoke architecture should not just be the province of the super-rich.

Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission have found that half the 100 NHS hospitals they assessed in England are neglecting elderly patients. Michael Marler describes his wife Monica's experience at Great Yarmouth Hospital earlier this year. And Jo Webber, Deputy Policy Director for the NHS Confederation, gives her reaction to the report.

Business news with Simon Jack.

Amnesty International says it has found evidence that captured soldiers and other people suspected of supporting Colonel Gaddafi are being tortured in Libya. Caroline Hawley reports from a jail in Tripoli.

For the first time, British scientists have managed to correct a genetic liver disorder. Science correspondent Tom Feilden explains the findings. And Cambridge University's Professor David Lomas, who is leading the research, describes the implications of the breakthrough.

Sport news with Garry Richardson.

According to a report by the housing charity Shelter, it is becoming almost impossible for ordinary working families to afford private rents in England. Andrew Hosken reports.

A review of the papers.

New burglary sentencing guidelines for judges in England and Wales which says the effect on the victim must be taken into account. Reformed burglar Michael Fraser and High Court judge Sir Colman Treacy debate the changes.

Thought for The Day with Vishvapani, an ordained Buddhist.

The Care Quality Commission carried out unannounced visits at 100 hospitals to assess dignity and nutrition standards in elderly care, and found many falling short of basic standards. Chief executive of Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust John Adler responds to the criticisms of his hospital.

A Care Quality Commission (CQC) report on the treatment of elderly patients in NHS hospitals in England has found that half of the 100 hospitals inspected gave cause for concern and 20 were in breach of the law. Director of Operations Delivery at the CQC Amanda Sherlock says there can be "no excuse" for poor concerns and Health Secretary Andrew Lansley outlines the government's reaction.

Rik Mayall and Jennifer Saunders are among the stars of the 80's TV show Comic Strip that are reuniting for a new TV comedy: The Hunt for Tony Blair. Arts Correspondent David Sillito speaks to the cast members to find out why the former PM is such a compelling character to portray.

Sport news with Garry Richardson.

Housing charity Shelter has found that in half of England, private rents are becoming unaffordable to someone on an average income. Housing minister Grant Shapps gives his reaction to the report.

The Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is to face his 53rd vote of confidence in the country's parliament. David Willey in Rome assesses Mr Berlusconi's chances of survival.

Business news with Simon Jack.

Is the NHS failing the elderly? Jo Webber, deputy policy director for the NHS Confederation, responds to the latest CQC report.

In the second Man Booker interview, author A D Miller talks to arts correspondent Rebecca Jones about his Russian thriller Snowdrops in this extended interview.

What makes a good pope? Professor Eamon Duffy, author of Ten Popes Who Shook the World, and former cardinal archbishop of Westminster Cormac Murphy-O'Connor analyse how popes have influenced the world we know today.



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