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'An economy that works for everybody'


David Cameron says his vision is of a "UK economy that works for everybody" and that he would like to see the country being less reliant on the City.

Speaking on the Today programme, the prime minister told presenter Sarah Montague: "I think we should try and give people a sense that if we take difficult decisions over the deficit, if we get our debts under control, we get the economy moving again but we try and get growth in a different way.

"I don't just want to re-pump the bubble of a housing market and a financial services market that leaves so many people behind."

Interviewed hours after eurozone members postponed a decision on whether to give a further emergency loan of almost £7bn to the Green government, Mr Cameron warned that although the UK is not in the eurozone it is not immune from the crisis.

"We will need certain safeguards to make sure that what the eurozone countries are agreeing separately does not adversely affect the single market, which is in our interest to make work for the good of British business," he told the programme.

"So this is not some naïve view that they go off on their own and we sit back intensely relaxed about it, there are safeguards we'll need."

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