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Today: Saturday 10th September

Ten years after 9/11 we speak to the man who told George Bush that New York was under attack, a survivor who escaped from the north tower and we'll be devoting the last half hour of our programme to a live interview with the former prime minister Tony Blair.

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Egypt has declared a state of alert and the country's cabinet will hold an emergency session today after protesters broke into the building housing the Israeli embassy in Cairo last night. There have been demonstrations outside the embassy for the past two weeks since Israeli forces were accused of killing five Egyptian police officers on the border. Our correspondent Bethany Bell reports from the capital.

The Green Party has kicked off the party conference season. Their leader, the MP Caroline Lucas, outlines their vision.

A review of the papers.

Yesterday MPs debated a a private member's bill to abolish the whips - the people who are supposed to tell them what to do, who are renowned for their ability to persuade, pressure and cajole their flock into line. Parliamentary correspondent Mark D'Arcy was watching.

Conservationists have challenged what they say is a rosy picture of improved river health portrayed by a recent Environment Agency report. Rob Cunningham, head of water policy at the RSPB, explains why they dispute the report.

Sport news with Jonathan Legard.

For those inside the twin towers in New York, 9/11 was a terrifying day that many have yet to recover from. Our North America correspondent Jonny Dymond spoke to one of those who survived the attack, Diane deFontes, who was a receptionist for a law firm on the 89th floor of the north tower, remembers the day.

A review of the papers.

Martin Archer is a radio DJ by night and a space physicist at Imperial College by day. He has put together a "science stage show" in which he engages young audiences in science, and tells us how it is relevant to cool things like being a DJ.

Thought for The Day with Dr Courtney Cowart, a survivor of 9/11, who served at Trinity Wall Street Church, New York at the time.

One of the many images from 9/11 was President Bush being informed that America was under attack. He was told by White House chief of staff Andy Card, who tells us his memories of that moment.

Egypt has declared a state of alert and the country's cabinet will hold an emergency session today after an attack on Israel's embassy in Cairo. Protesters pulled down walls, set cars alight and broke into the building, prompting the ambassador to leave the country. Jon Donnison reports.

Libyan opposition forces have now entered Bani Walid - one of only four towns still loyal to Colonel Gaddafi. Richard Galpin reports from the country, and Shashank Joshi, Associate Fellow at RUSI, and Guma El-Gamaty, the British representative for the National Transitional Council, look at Libya's future.

How convincingly have the events of 9/11 been recorded in literature? James Naughtie has been speaking to two authors who have written books about the event to find out.

Sport news with Jonathan Legard.

Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of September 11th, a single day that changed the world. John Humphrys is joined by former prime minister Tony Blair.



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