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Page last updated at 06:45 GMT, Tuesday, 9 August 2011 07:45 UK
Today: Tuesday 9th August

There has been a third night of riots in London and the disturbances have spread to other major cities. Stock markets in Asia have fallen sharply again amid continuing concerns about the American and eurozone economies. Also on today's programme, new light is shed on the extraordinary life of the WW2 double agent Garbo.

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Business news with Adam Shaw, on tumbling global markets and the impact of rioting on British shops. Download the podcast

Riots and looting have spread across London, Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool. Stephanie Power reports from Liverpool.

Starting as a peaceful demonstration by the relatives and friends of a man shot dead by police, disturbances in Tottenham have quickly turned into rioting on the streets across London and beyond. The BBC's Andrew Hosken spent the evening and part of last night witnessing violence and looting in north and east London.

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt will today announce the 65 towns and cities that are in the running to host new local television services. Former chief executive of Channel 5 David Elstein considers the candidates.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

A bird sanctuary at Abbotsbury Swannery could not keep foxes away from their swans until they started playing Radio 4 at full volume. General manager of Abbotsbury tourism John Houston describes the scene.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

Reeves furniture store in Croydon, a local London business which has been running for more than 100 years, was burned down during the riots. Its owner Trevor Reeve describes losing his family business and why he is "trying to make the best of it". And Ellie Coward, who lives in Tooting in south London, describes the moment her house was burgled.

Paper review.

Rioting has spread across London with cars and buildings set alight on a third night of unrest, and with trouble flaring up in other English cities. PC Paul Deller, who was working in a Met Police control room overnight, explains that the police "gave it everything we could".

Thought for the day with Indarjit Singh, director of the Network of Sikh organisations.

By the time the markets in the United States closed last night the Dow Jones index had fallen by 5.6%, one of its biggest drops in a single day on record. Alan Clarke, chief UK economist at Scotia Capital, predicts reaction from the London exchange. And Laura Tyson, one of President Obama's advisers, defends US credit.

The prime minister has cut short his holiday and will be chairing an emergency meeting this morning after marauding mobs looted and burned buildings in many parts of London and other English cities. Home Secretary Theresa May considers what can be done in the face of anarchy.

An updated version of the story of Garbo, one of the most celebrated double agents of all time, has shed further light on his extraordinary life. Nigel West, author of Operation Garbo, and the author of the official history of MI5, Christopher Andrew, now professor of modern and contemporary history at Cambridge University, discuss the revelations.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

How are the markets handling the economic uncertainty of the last week? Markets analyst at BGC Partners Louise Cooper and Linda Yueh, a fellow in economics at Oxford University, discuss the continuing volatility in the markets.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

How do we stop the rioting in some cities in England? Patrick Mercer, Conservative MP and former army officer, and Mike Butcher, editor of website TechCrunch Europe and Digital Adviser to the Mayor of London, discuss why group messaging is helping those behind the disturbances in London and elsewhere.

Shops across the country have been looted in a wave of riots. Jerry Blackett, chief executive of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, and Councillor Paul Brant, deputy leader of Liverpool Council, discuss if the riots were merely a wave of criminality and why we "must be robust in our response".


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