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Today: Wednesday 27th July

The one year countdown to the London 2012 Olympics begins. Probation officers in England and Wales spend only a quarter of their time with offenders, according to a committee of MPs. Also on the programme, Placido Domingo on how opera has changed his outlook on life.

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Business news with Adam Shaw, on the strength of the pound and the surge in sales at Amazon.co.uk. Download the podcast

Many New Yorkers escape the summer heat with a subway trip to Coney Island, travelling to see its undisputed jewel on the two and half miles of seafront, the wide wooden boardwalk. Matt Wells reports on why this is all about to change.

Protest singers who occupied Tahrir Square during the downfall of Hosni Mubarak have recreated their revolutionary soundtrack at the Barbican, as part of the London festival of Arab culture. They spoke to Nicola Stanbridge about their mixture of optimism and pessimism as the post-revolution state emerges.

Probation staff are spending up to three quarters of their time on paperwork, according to a report by MPs. Chair of the Justice Committee, the Liberal Democrat MP Sir Alan Beith, explains why probation officers have become "bogged down" with administrative tasks.

Ofsted is setting out plans to revise the way it protects vulnerable children. John Goldup, national director for children's social care at Ofsted, outlines the importance of changing the tick-box mentality that sometimes exists among social workers.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

A new campaign by Body Confidence has won complaints against two adverts, which have now been withdrawn, for using airbrushing in a misleading way. Jo Swinson, the Liberal Democrat MP who launched the drive, and Guy Parker, who runs the Advertising Standards Agency, debate whether this is wonderful news for women.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

Norway's domestic intelligence service says that the killer Anders Behring Breivik did not have any links with extreme right-wing organisations in Britain. Jon Fitje, head of analysis at the Norwegian Police Security Service, gives his assessment of the case.

Paper review.

It is exactly one year until the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. Sports editor David Bond reports on the preparations, building work and legacy that all appear to be on track.

Thought for the day with Abdal Hakim Murad, Muslim Chaplain at the University of Cambridge.

Many probation officers only spend a quarter of their time with offenders, the rest is spent doing paperwork, according to a committee of MPs. Dave, an ex-offender in Leicester, describes life under the probation service. And Justice Secretary Ken Clarke gives his reaction.

In just one year, the best athletes from around the globe will gather at London's Olympic Park for the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games. John Armitt, chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority and the man who got the stadiums built on time, talks about how he managed it. And shadow Olympics minister Tessa Jowell, who has been on the Olympics board, and Simon Jenkins of the Guardian, a sceptic about the games, discuss whether the legacy will be worth the cost.

Maths professor at Oxford University Marcus Du Sautoy, also professor for the public understanding of science, is launching a three part TV series looking at the numbers that govern our world. He explains the mathematical marvels of The Code.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

The Vatican has condemned the Irish government's plans to force Catholic priests to break the seal of the confessional, if there are claims of child abuse. Marie Collins, abuse survivor and campaigner who supports the proposal, and Father PJ Madden, spokesman for the Association of Catholic Priests, go head to head on the controversy.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

Placido Domingo, one of the world's finest singers, is performing with the Romanian soprano Angela Gheorghiu in London at the O2 Arena later this week. John Humphrys spoke to him about his voice and the future of his singing career.

With just a year to go until the London Olympics, will British athletes reach their peak at the right time? Reporting from the UK's high altitude training camp in the French Pyrenees, sports presenter Rob Bonnet has been following the progress of distance runner Helen Clitheroe, now in her mid-to late thirties, who is aiming for a glorious final Olympic appearance.

Official figures have revealed that the UK economy slowed to 0.2% growth in the three months up to June. Lord Skidelsky, emeritus professor of political economy at the University of Warwick, describes what a stagnating economy really looks like and what its consequences could be.



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