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Police 'standing up and being counted' on phone hacking


The head of the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) has said the police are "standing up and being counted" over the phone hacking investigation, and has urged News International to do the same.

"My invitation to News International would be that they should step up and produce any information they still have which they think is relevant. Let's not play around with legal games here," Sir Hugh Orde told John Humphrys.

"If they have names, dates, times, places, payments to officers, we would like to see them, so we can lock these officers up and throw away the key."

Sir Hugh argued that pressure on policing from 70 terrorist plots meant "hard and difficult choices" had to be made at the time of the hacking investigation.

"Decisions had to be made about where we put our resources to keep the citizens of this country alive," he said.

"Post-event, with hindsight and with more information, [the police] should and could have done more."

"They could have done things differently if they had more information from News International.

"This was not Billy the burglar saying nothing. This was a global company that had some responsibility."

But he denied that corruption was "endemic" or "cultural" in the police force, and that the "vast majority of officers will be absolutely outraged" by allegations of corruption.

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"i do think people will be worried" police officers "equally worried"

explaining with absolute clarity,

the hard and difficult choices he had to make when balancing this inquiry with the 70 terror plots he was also charged with looking after

the transparency and accountability displayed there hopefully will go some way to reassuring the public that whilst we make these hard decisions, we are more than prepared to be held to account for them

a huge pressure on the whole of British policing

very, very labour intensive operations

the service is well organised to deal with major crime

with hindsight... they would have done things differently

"Post-event and with hindsight, [the police] should and could have done more" on phone #hacking says Sir Hugh Orde @PoliceChiefs

"This was not Billy the burglar saying nothing." Sir Hugh Orde on how News International "thwarted" phone #hacking investigation.

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