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The monarch's new portrait

The Queen and Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh by Thomas Struth

A new portrait photograph of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh has been released by the National Portrait Gallery, as part of an exhibition to mark next year's Diamond Jubilee called The Queen: Art and Image.

The large-scale portrait, measuring 1.5m by 2m, shows the Queen and Prince Philip seated together in the Green Drawing Room at Windsor Castle.

The photograph was taken on 7 April 2011 and commissioned to mark the Queen's forthcoming Diamond Jubilee, in the year of the Duke's 90th birthday.

"I wanted to leave them both in their royal environment, and of course not try to disguise who they are, but also show them as an elderly couple who are together," artist Thomas Struth told arts editor Will Gompertz.

"I selected what in America you call a love seat, which is a small two-seater sofa which would make them sit together, and yet both in their own aura."

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This is an attractive portrait. I hear what the photographer is saying about sitting together, each in their own aura, but wouldn't it be nice to see them holding hands? Why not - they are an elderly couple who have spent 60 years together and what a message that would have sent.
Paul Smith, Pluckley, Kent, UK

This image is dull and no charisma about it. If this is end result of the image after probably 50 shots to choose from this guy should change his job. I would be happy to challenge this image using my basic Pentax KX. So to sum it up - too dark, boring, lacks charisma, looks like the photographer was rushing the image.
James , Milton Keynes

I very much like the idea of the portrait but could they not have been shown with a bit of a smile? They may then have looked like happy couple, not just an elderly couple.
Julie Pollard, Lincoln, UK

This is unfortunately a very poor portrait - it is cold and not regal at all... it could just be somebody's Grandparents sat in their (albeit posh) front-room. It actually looks as if they don't know each other!
A Dinnaken, London, UK

An impressive photograph - immaculately composed and a visual metaphor of their public role when together. The slightly forward position of the Queen in conjunction with the reflected light off her dress place her in the 'spotlight'. Whereas the stoic Duke sits slightly to the rear with his face partially in the shade. Top marks to Thomas Struth.
Peter Saltmarsh, Swanwick, Derbyshire

Vanda Watling, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex

It's a great picture for lighting, colour and composition of the two subjects. I do think, however that the couple are just too far apart. They are married after all. It looks like they are disconnected and not as husband and wife.
Paul Milton-Lyons, Newhaven, Sussex


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