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Is tennis 'the beautiful game'?

With Fifa engulfed by controversy, has the time come for tennis to steal football's crown as the "beautiful game"?

Writer Geoff Dyer, whose piece in Prospect magazine claims just this, says tennis is "so obviously beautiful" that it deserves the crown.

"Tennis, with the advent of [Roger] Federer, has raised to new levels of loveliness," he argues, with the synthesis of both elegance and efficiency.

But author Hunter Davies says that all the ball bouncing in tennis made him want to scream.

Tennis, he argues, was "limited" with just two people and a ball going back and forth.

"With football, you've got endless permutations and variations and moves with 22 players. The possibilities are huge," he says.

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Oh come on, football hasn't been beautiful since the Premier League was set up. No-one can use that adjective to describe it now
Simon Brown (@In_camera) via Twitter

It is certainly not as was suggested a game for wimps. I'd like to see Wayne Rooney play football for 5 hours at such intensity as is often demonstrated by tennis players and then have to turn up the next day for another match.
Joanna Jones via Facebook

Not until players start diving, pretending to be injured and generally cheat! Technology far too advanced in tennis for that!
Mark Brock @MarkBrock via Twitter

Should tennis replace football as the beautiful game? - Are you being serious?!
Alex James (@X3vier) via Twitter

No, Rugby Union!
Massimo D'Achille (@massimodachille) via Twitter

A game with more officials than players? I think not
Scott (@cm4233) via Twitter


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