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Page last updated at 07:53 GMT, Friday, 10 June 2011 08:53 UK

Bahraini jails 'no lonely place'


Authorities in Bahrain are continuing to suppress pro-democracy protesters according to the wife of a man arrested in the country.

Ala'a Shehabi, a British-born woman whose husband Ghazi Farhan has been arrested and is awaiting sentence, told James Naughtie how he was held in incommunicado detention for 48 days before being put on trail.

When the trail did come, she could not recognise her own husband, who had lost weight, had his head shaved and had a deep scar on his neck.

"It's reached a point where I don't have that much to lose any more," she said, explaining why she was risking the security force's anger at speaking out. "His case needs to be known, his case is one of hundreds of others."

"It's no lonely place being in a Bahraini prison right now. He's in good company. You've got the best of the best in Bahrain who are either in jail or facing trail on similar charges."

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