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Today: Saturday 4th June

A report on the sexualisation of children is calling for explicit adverts to be banned near schools, and for shops to stop selling provocative clothes to pre-teens. Plus is a mastery of mathematics the secret to sporting success?

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There are increasing concerns about the over-sexualisation of young children, with a new report calling for more measures to protect them from sexualised imagery. Education correspondent Gillian Hargreaves reports on the proposals for TV, billboards and magazines.

After a week of relatively bad news on the economic front, is the economy now in its darkest hour? James Ramsbotham, chief executive of the Chamber of Commerce, gives us a taste of business opinion from the north east of England.

Paper review.

First there was Tony Blair's "sofa" government, and, according to new research, now there's the Cameron and Clegg show. Professor Robert Hazell, of University College London, explains why he believes the dominance of informal chats over cabinet meetings has continued

Have the older generation of world leaders, such as Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev, handed a better world over to the younger generation? Brian Till (aged 25), author of a new book Conversations with Power, has met many of them in an attempt to answer this, and shares his findings with Evan Davis.

Sports news with Garry Richardson at Epsom.

Two British Apache helicopters, deployed from HMS Ocean, were used in an attack on Libyan targets last night. Defence correspondent Jonathan Beale reports from onboard the carrier.

The president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh has been injured in a rocket attack by rebels trying to force him out of office. Former US ambassador to Yemen, David Newton, assesses recent happenings in the country and how longer President Saleh can cling on to power.

Paper review.

The writer Josephine Hart, author of Damage and a major figure on the literary scene, has died. The actor Charles Dance, who worked extensively with her, pays tribute to his friend and mentor.

Thought for the day with the Reverend Rob Marshall, an Anglican Priest.

With a second bailout on the cards, what's next for Greece's crippled economy? The BBC's Hugh Pym reports on the problems still facing the nation's finances, and Constantine Papadopoulos, secretary-general for international economic relations at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reflects Greek opinion.

Amid fears that young children are becoming sexualised far too much and far too young, a government-commissioned report will recommend stricter controls on what our children are exposed to. Conservative MP Nadine Dorries and broadcasting executive Stephen Price debate the necessity and effectiveness of the proposed measures.

Could being good at maths improve your sporting prowess? A new book, The Hidden Mathematics of Sport, suggests that the best sportspeople are guided by some subliminal maths intuition. Its co-author Rob Eastaway and Claire Taylor, a member of England's women's cricket team, discuss if matrices can help win matches.

Nato has confirmed that two British Apache helicopters were used in attacks in Libya overnight for the first time. Lord Richard Dannatt, former chief of the general staff, and Labour MP Graham Allen, who voted against the intervention in Libya, analyse if this supposed escalation in the offensive is justified.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

With yet more challenges facing the economy, should the government hold its course in its austerity measures or is it time to ease off the throttle? Former chancellors Lord Lamont and Alistair Darling debate whether the government must be firm or flexible.

Paper review.

Cyber crime is becoming cheaper and easier, with credit card details now being bought online for as little as five pence. Security correspondent Gordon Corera investigates the commercialisation of online crime.

A new Playboy club opens in London tonight, 27 years after the capital's last one closed. Director of UK Feminista Kat Banyard explains why she's planning to protest at the opening, and Michael Winner puts the case for it all being just a bit of fun.



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