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'All of us love the NHS'


Tensions over the reform of the NHS have risen following the Lib Dem's poor performance in elections across the UK.

Nick Clegg yesterday threatened to derail the reform if concessions were not made.

Political editor Nick Robinson told the programme that a "caricature" was taking place for "political reasons" in which the Lib Dems love the NHS and the Conservatives are hostile to it and Nick Clegg is "putting the breaks on".

"This is to forget an awful lot," he said, explaining Lib Dem backing for reform through much of the process.

Former Conservative cabinet member John Redwood agreed, saying that while there was certainly scope to "improve" the reforms, the bill has already passed the Commons, "signed personally" by both Clegg and Cameron.

"All of us love the NHS and want it to do well for our constituents. The only thing I resent is the idea that this is a Conservative attack on the NHS," he said.

Norman Lamb, chief parliamentary and political adviser to Nick Clegg, agreed that changes to the NHS reform "shouldn't be regarded as concessions to placate Lib Dems".

But he did say that US-style privatisation of health care would be a "disaster" and that there was a "concern" that the reform "elevates competition above other really important principles".

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