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Today: Monday 9th May

GPs are warning the prime minister that his health service changes could "unravel" the NHS. Also on today's programme, we get rare access inside Broadmoor, Britain's most notorious high-security hospital.

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Business news with Adam Shaw: It has been widely reported that the European Union is under increasing pressure to renegotiate Greece's 110bn euro financial bailout. Matina Stevis, a former Greek finance minister, considers the country's options. Elissa Bayer, of Charles Stanley, looks at the markets. And John Cridland, director general of the CBI, explains why growth forecasts for the UK economy have been cut.

The charity Barnardo's is warning that government plans to change the way anti-social behaviour is dealt with could put vulnerable children at greater risk. Anne Marie Carrie, chief executive of Barnardo's, explains the concern.

The Liberal Democrats will block proposed changes to the NHS if there are not "substantial, significant changes to the legislation," Nick Clegg has pledged. The chair of the Royal College of GPs, Dr Clare Gerada, who is pushing for amendments, and Professor Steve Field, who is in charge of the government's listening exercise on the bill, debate the possibility of a compromise.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

Later this month, President Barack Obama will visit the 298 residents of a small Irish village where his great, great, great grandfather lived before emigrating to America in the 1850s. Ireland correspondent Mark Simpson reports on the flurry of anticipation in Moneygall, County Offaly.

A flagship Tory local authority has halted controversial plans to outsource its services to the private sector, after its leader unexpectedly resigned. Professor of local government at London School of Economics, Tony Travers, reflects on the situation at Suffolk County Council.

Sports news with Jonathan Legard.

Today correspondent Tom Feilden, has been given unprecedented access to Britain's most notorious high-security hospital. He reports on the "fresh beginnings" available at Broadmoor.

Paper review.

The latest official scrabble word list is published today and it now includes words such as "grrl", "innit" and "thang". Elaine Higgleton, publishing director for Collins Language which produces the list, looks at some of the newest additions.

Thought for the day with the writer, Rhidian Brook.

There is a growing sense of anger in Pakistan over the role its government played in the operation which lead to the death of Osama Bin Laden. Aleem Maqbool reports on the mood of civilians. And the Pakistani MP, Marvi Memon, who recently joined the coalition government, discusses the political reaction.

Nick Clegg has threatened to derail the government's proposed Health Service bill in parliament if the Liberal Democrats do not see "substantial, significant changes to the legislation." Political editor Nick Robinson looks at the fallout of such a block. Mr Clegg's chief parliamentary and political adviser, Norman Lamb, and the Conservative MP and former cabinet minister, John Redwood, debate why the deputy prime minister has changed his tune.

70 years ago today, the Royal Navy captured U-Boat 110, an event which helped Britain crack the German's secret Enigma code during World War II. With the help of the former naval officer who boarded the U-boat, our correspondent Mike Thomson reports on a remarkable event which may have shortened the war by as much as two years.

Sports news with Jonathan Legard.

An independent body of climate change advisers has warned the government that plans to spend billions on offshore wind power might be too costly, compared with nuclear power and other sources of low carbon energy. Lord Turner, chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, reflects on their advice.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

Government documents appear to reveal that the practice of subjecting Asian women to virginity tests when they tried to come to the UK was more widespread than admitted at the time. Dr Evan Smith of Flinders University School of Law, is one of the two Australian academics who uncovered the evidence.

More anti-government protesters in Syria have been killed following clashes with soldiers. One unnamed lawyer and human rights activist explains why it has been so difficult to get a clear picture of events.

There is a significant lack of suitable and affordable housing for elderly people, according to a report published today. Professor Michael Ball, the report author from Henley Business School at the University of Reading, explains why providing the right sort of housing for the older generation would help younger families get on the property ladder.

Should the whole of the UK be able to vote in a referendum on Scottish independence? Tim Luckhurst, professor of journalism at Kent University, and Joan McAlpine of the Scottish National Party, who won a seat in the Scottish assembly last week, debate who should have a say.


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