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Today: Friday 29th April

Prince William and Kate Middleton are to marry in Westminster Abbey as thousands throng the streets of London and billions watch on television. From outside Buckingham Palace, Sarah Montague reports on the big day build-up.

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Business news with Dominic Laurie, analysing whether time is running out on Doha trade talks and Karl Gregory, the UK head of Match.com, is the Friday boss.

With 50 heads of state and hundreds of thousands expected to line the streets, the Metropolitan police have their work cut out for the royal wedding. Met commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson describes the operation.

Business news with Dominic Laurie.

A bomb in a cafe has killed 14 people in Marrakesh adding another, worrying, dimension to what is happening in the Arab world. Dr Michael Willis of St Anthony's College Oxford analyses the level of extremist support in Morocco.

Royal weddings have only recently been celebrated in public, introduced by King George V following WWI to lift the spirits of the nation. Royal correspondent Peter Hunt look back at the history of royal weddings.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

Despite being an old enemy of Israel, the crisis in Syria raises a worrying uncertainty about the country's future. Danny Yatom, an adviser to the former Israeli prime minister and a former head of the Israeli secret service Mossad, outlines the possible repercussions.

The paper review.

Hundreds of people have been camping out on the street of central London in order to secure a prime spot for the royal wedding. Nicola Stanbridge went to meet some of the determined wedding watchers.

Thought for the day with the Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks.

Have the Doha talks, aimed at finding an agreement that would open up world trade, finally failed after 10 years of talks? Peter Mandelson, who represented the UK at the talks, and Will Hutton of the Work Foundation assess the future of a global trade agreement.

The world will be watching as Prince William marries Kate Middleton today, with possibly the largest television audience in history. Correspondents Nick Higham, Peter Hunt and Mike Wooldridge give their view from the route of the royal procession. Patrick Harverson, communications secretary to the the Prince of Wales, describes his hopes for the day ahead.

How important is the royal wedding for the future of the British monarchy? Historians Lady Antonia Fraser and Dr Kate Williams debate the landmark moment.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

There are thousands of journalists from all over the world covering the royal wedding, but only one has been allowed into the Abbey itself. Edward Stourton discusses his big day. There will also be a fair few people listening to the royal wedding music. Westminster Abbey's sub-organist Robert Quinney describes any last-minute nerves.

Business news with Dominic Laurie.

When President Assad came to power in Syria he was hailed as a moderniser. Writer and journalist Amir Taheri and former UK ambassador to Syria Adrian Sindall debate why Assad was unable to maintain the reforming momentum.

Beyond the spectacle, will the royal wedding have any lasting significance? Julia Samuel, a friend of Diana and founder of charity Child Bereavement and Plum Sykes from American Vogue debate the royal wedding legacy.



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