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Hague: Military action 'Libya's only chance'

As the countries leading the intervention in Libya meet in Qatar to discuss their strategy, there is growing anxiety about how to proceed in the fight to protect civilians.

Reporting from Tripoli, Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen said the regime was sounding more confident by the day.

"They feel here that they've ridden out the worst of it," he added.

But Foreign Secretary William Hague said that while the military morale of the Libyan regime "goes up and down... the political morale is much lower than that, because they can see that there is no long term future for them".

Despite the difficulties, UN-sanctioned military action in the country has "achieved a great deal", he said.

"Do not underestimate what is being achieved here. Thousands of lives have been saved," he told John Humphrys.

"If we hadn't done it, the situation would be dramatically worse" in the whole Middle East, he added.

"We will follow it through to success."

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