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Today: Monday 11th April

The Independent Banking Commission is publishing its interim report on the banking sector. Also in today's programme, what can dogs teach us about, among other things, successful banking?

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Business news with Adam Shaw: Former investment banker Philip Augar previews the interim findings of the Vickers report on banking. And Harvard professor Kenneth Rogoff analyses the need to deal with large budget deficits, following the United States' near budget shutdown last week.

A new pan-European report shows that nitrogen, essential for fertilising crops and food production, is now one of the great environmental problems of the 21st century. Luc Maene, director general of the International Fertiliser Industry Association, outlines how the fertiliser industry can curb nitrogen emissions.

The Independent Commission on Banking, which was set up last year by the coalition, has just published its interim findings on reforms to the banking system. Business editor Robert Peston analyses its main conclusions.

The Royal College of Nursing claims that 40,000 NHS posts will be lost in the next three years, and that 12% of the nursing workforce may be cut. The RCN annual conference begins in Liverpool today, and its chief executive Dr Peter Carter considers the sector's future.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

Several British reservoirs, which should be reaching capacity at this time of year, have been hit by the particularly dry weather of the last month and are only up to 80% full. Jenny Hill reports from the Chew reservoir in Somerset.

As the US takes a back seat in Libyan operations and France is embroiled in Ivory Coast, is the Nato coalition tying to weaken Colonel Gaddafi's grip on power in Libya struggling with a lack of leadership? Rear Admiral Chris Parry, a former Nato commander, examines this complex military challenge.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

The interim report of the Independent Commission on Banking is out this morning, having been set up to make "structural and related non-structural" measures to improve financial stability and competition in banking. The commission's chairman Sir John Vickers outlines its recommendations.

Paper review.

A new book called Clever Dog: Life Lessons From Dogs claims that dogs are much more than man's best friend. The author Ryan O'Meara explains why dogs might be better at banking than we are.

Thought for the Day with Canon Dr Alan Billings, an Anglican priest.

From today, any woman in France who wears a niqab or burqa in public will be subject to a fine. Nomia Iqbal reports from Paris, where the controversial law has led to protests and debate over religious freedom.

The local elections in England three weeks on Thursday are bound to have an impact on the coalition and its reputation. The deputy prime minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, discusses the Lib Dems' record in power.

Is it possible for anyone to run a marathon in under two hours? As thousands of people prepare for this Sunday's London Marathon, Chris Dennis reports on the next great sporting barrier.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

Thirty years ago, the Brixton riots shocked the country, as petrol bombs were thrown and police and local youths fought in the streets. David Zinzan, the Metropolitan Police's south east area commander, and the poet and activist Linton Kwesi Johnson debate how far community relations have improved since then.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

United Nations and French helicopters have fired rockets at the Abidjan residence of Laurent Gbagbo, the incumbent president of Ivory Coast, in an assault the UN said was in retaliation for attacks by his forces. The BBC's Mark Doyle reports from Abidjan.

The Passion is a new three-day play in which a man comes to Port Talbot and ends up being crucified. The actor and star of the play, Michael Sheen, talks about the unusual performance featuring hundreds of volunteers from the community playing different roles, with the town as the set.

It may take years to clear the wreckage caused by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last month. Japan correspondent Roland Buerk reports from Kamaishi on the north east coast, where survivors are still living in makeshift evacuation centres set up in schools and temples.

The Independent Commission on Banking has published its interim report on improving competition and financial stability in the banking sector. The Sunday Telegraph's Matthew d'Ancona, and Steve Richards, chief political commentator at the Independent, debate the implications for the coalition.



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