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Today: Friday 14th January

Labour have won the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election with a majority of more than 3,500. Also in today's programme, what punk rock can tell us about today's politics.

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Business news with Dominic Laurie.

The government is hoping that this will be the year of the electric car for British motorists. Business reporter Brian Milligan has been sent to drive one all the way from London to Edinburgh.

Labour has won the be-election at Oldham East and Saddleworth, turning a majority of 103 last year into a comfortable 3,500. Shadow Foreign Secretary Yvette Cooper talks about how the party managed to hold off the Liberal Democrat challenge.

Hundreds of people have died in the floods in Brazil, with many more lives at risk. BBC correspondent Paulo Cabral reports.

Business with Dominic Laurie.

It has emerged that prison authorities warned the Justice Secretary Ken Clarke that Ford Open Prison was understaffed and that alcohol was being smuggled in, prior to the recent rioting. Charles Pinney, the board's chairman, explains how their fears of unrest were answered.

The world is running out of internet addresses. Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones explains why the system is creaking at the seams and whether it needs replacing.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

The former Home Secretary Jack Straw has been widely criticised for saying last week that some men of Pakistani origin target vulnerable young white women for sex, because they see them as "easy meat". Zubeida Malik reports from Bradford on whether there was any truth in the matter.

The paper review.

There are certain accepted formalities for starting a letter, but is there a rule for beginning an email? Thomas Blaikie, author of a guide book to modern manners, and Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times, who has written a novel in emails, discuss the movement in modern email etiquette.

Thought for the Day with Catherine Pepinster, editor of the Tablet.

New research suggests that babies fed exclusively on breast milk for six months could suffer from iron deficiencies and be prone to allergies. Gillian Smith of the Royal College of Midwives considers the research.

Labour have held onto the seat of Oldham East and Saddleworth in yesterday's by-election, with the Liberal Democrats performing well and the Conservatives losing a lot of votes. Simon Hughes, deputy leader of the Lib Dems, and Baroness Warsi of the Conservatives, discuss the result.

Gang of Four, once described as "probably the best politically motivated band in rock and roll", are making a comeback, and say most of their audience are now under the age of 30. Today reporter Tom Bateman went to meet the ageing punk rockers.

Sport news with Rob Bonnet.

An open leafleting campaign is underway on a south London housing estate to stop people co-operating with police who are carrying out Operation Trident, which deals with gun crime in the black community. Althea Smith of Southwark Council and Claudia Webbe, chair of the advisory group for Operation Trident, discuss the implications of the smear.

Labour have won a convincing victory in the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election, with a dramatic drop in support for the Conservatives to just 12%. Chief political correspondent Norman Smith examines the vote.

Why do people decide to live in flood-risk areas and then try to stay with their properties as long as possible when floods do hit? David Spiegelhalter, professor of public understanding of risk at Cambridge University, explains the thought processes when a flood hits.

Business news with Dominic Laurie.

The comments made by Jack Straw regarding the grooming of white girls by men of Pakistani origins caused some controversy last week. Nihal, BBC Asian Network presenter and David Aaronovitch, the Times columnist, discuss whether the comments were justified.

There are many ways of analysing the by-election result, depending on which party you focus on. Polly Toynbee of the Guardian and Olly Grender, previous director of communications for the Liberal Democrats, give their version of events.



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