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Page last updated at 07:18 GMT, Monday, 20 December 2010
Today: Monday 20th December

Thousands of travellers are bracing themselves for further disruption because of the icy weather. Tensions on the Korean peninsula have escalated with reports that South Korea has started military exercises. And should pornography be blocked from all computers to protect children?

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Business news with Adam Shaw: Liberal Democrat treasury spokesman Lord Oakeshott says we should follow Ireland's example and tell the banks we will not sign the cheques if they continue to pay large bonuses. The chief executive of Channel 6, Richard Horwood, analyses the future of local television broadcast.

Hundreds of travellers have spent a second night sleeping at Heathrow after it pretty much shut down over the weekend. Sarah Randall, who was stuck at Heathrow, describes the situation at the airport. And Rob Shoesmith, currently stranded in California, details his attempts to get back to the UK for Christmas.

The government's revised plans for school sports funding will be announced today, with the Education Secretary, Michael Gove, expected to reverse a decision on cutting funding for school sports in England. Sports editor David Bond explains the decision on funding for the Schools Sports Partnership Network scheme.

A leading health charity says the cold snap could result in thousands of people dying at home alone this Christmas. Health correspondent Adam Brimelow has met up with a group in Lewisham who talk to their vulnerable neighbours about dying, to ensure they get the death they want.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

The current firearms laws in England and Wales are a "complex and confused" mess, according to the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee. The chair of the committee, Keith Vaz, analyses if the gun licensing system is fit for purpose.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

Should pornography be blocked from all computers to protect children? Editor of, Stuart Miles, and Miranda Suit, of the Safermedia campaign, debate the practicalities of blocking internet pornography.

Paper review.

The political journalist and commentator Anthony Howard has died at the age of 76. Former deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine and history professor Lord Hennessey reflect on the life of one of Britain's foremost political writers.

Thought for the Day with John Bell of the Iona Community.

The Chancellor George Osborne and the Business Secretary Vince Cable will meet the bosses of Britain's biggest banks today to urge them against paying out large bonuses. Peter Hahn, of the Cass Business School, and business editor Robert Peston examine if new rules will affect banks' bonus culture.

Freezing weather conditions have continued overnight with more snow forecast across parts of Scotland and in particular South West England. BAA chief executive Colin Matthews reacts to the disruption and anger at Heathrow airport.

The BBC has said that the 60th anniversary edition of the Archers over the New Year will "shake Ambridge to the core". Actress Janey Godley and broadcaster Hardeep Singh Kohli try to imagine the programme's plot.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

Is the coalition government the most radical government since 1945? Political commentator Steve Richards, Conservative MP Jesse Norman and Labour MP Douglas Alexander discuss the extent of the government's reform agenda.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

British police say they have arrested 12 men in a large-scale counter-terrorism operation. Security correspondent Danny Shaw has more on the arrests.

The BBC has been following a squadron of the Queen's Royal Lancers during their training and deployment to Afghanistan over the course of this year. Danny Savage reports on how The Lancers trained Afghan police, dealt with roadside bombs and had hundreds of gun battles with insurgents.

Scientists have identified a group of proteins in the brain that could contribute to treating conditions like autism or Alzheimer's. Professor Seth Grant of the Welcome Trust Sanger Institute examines the findings.

Can more be done to ensure that women have proper access to careers and equal pay when they do well? Sociologist Dr Catherine Hakim and Sarah Jackson, of the Working Families charity, discuss the gender pay-gap.


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