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Guest editor: Richard Ingrams

Richard Ingrams

Each year, the Today programme hands over the editorial reins to five public figures, giving them a chance to decide what goes on the programme between Christmas and New Year.

The programme broadcast on 30th December was edited by writer and editor Richard Ingrams.

For his programme, Andrew Hosken investigated the case of James Hanratty, who was hanged for murder in 1961. Richard Ingrams' friend, journalist Paul Foot, had always been convinced of Hanratty's innocence, despite DNA evidence to the contrary. But new evidence suggests that the DNA could have been contaminated.

He also chewed the fat with Peter O'Toole at the Coach and Horses pub in Soho.

Richard has long been interested in ghosts and ghouls and the people who claim to commune with them. On a dark and wintry December night Sarah Montague ventured up the M11 to visit Thomas Stuttaford and his haunted house.

From Corrie Corfield to Robert Peston, he asks what makes a good radio voice and continuing the theme asked what makes for great political oratory.

Looking into his own profession, he visited a modern newsroom to find out about the changing face of journalism and asked whether Private Eye, the magazine he founded, can survive in an age of online satire.

And finally, an aspiring organist himself, Richard visited the Royal Festival Hall to have a go on their organ.


Richard Ingrams is best known as one of the founders of the satirical magazine Private Eye, which he edited between 1963 and 1986.

In 1992 he created another magazine, The Oldie, which he still edits as well as writing a regular column in The Independent.

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