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Page last updated at 07:18 GMT, Thursday, 9 December 2010
Today: Thursday 9th December

MPs will vote today on whether to increase university tuition fees in England - the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats has said he cannot support the plans. The family of the woman who was killed while on honeymoon in South Africa has urged her husband to co-operate with the authorities. And Coronation Street celebrates its 50th Birthday.

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Business news with Dominic Laurie: Head of pensions research at Hargreaves Lansdown, Tom McPhail, explains the new rules governing private pensions. Telecom analyst Matthew Howett outlines the new proposal to scrap roaming charges in Europe by 2015.

MPs will vote today on whether to increase university tuition fees in England. Nicola Stanbridge has been to one university to talk to students protesting against the cuts. Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland explains his reasons for voting against the fee rise.

Business news with Dominic Laurie.

Birmingham has become the first city to set up a network of sensors which pinpoint exactly where a gun is fired. Katie Townsend reports on the new spotter technology already used in the US. Chief superintendent Chris McKeogh examines the system.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

Many large companies, such as Amazon, Visa and Mastercard, are cutting their ties with Wikileaks. New media expert Clay Shirky analyses the moral and legal duties of online companies.

Shrien Dewani, the husband of the woman killed in South Africa while on honeymoon, remains in custody. Correspondent Karen Allen has spoken to Anni Dewani's uncle.

Paper review.

The soap opera Coronation Street celebrates its 50th Birthday today. BBC 6 Music's Elizabeth Alker reports on the programme's unlikely muscial fans.

Thought for the Day with the Reverend Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is coming under fire for its refusal to publish the investigation into how the Royal Bank of Scotland took itself to the brink of bankruptcy in the couple of years before it was rescued by taxpayers in October 2008. Liberal Democrat Lord Oakeshott outlines the reasons why the findings should be made public.

MPs will vote today on whether to increase university tuition fees in England. Political editor Nick Robinson analyses the political mood at Westminster over the issue.

MasterCard and Visa websites have been put under pressure from hackers who support the arrested Wikileaks leader, Julian Assange. Computer security analyst Paul Mutton and Coldblood, of the hacking group Anonymous, examine the new forms of online "direct action".

The British newlywed accused of hiring a hitman to murder his bride was remanded in custody last night as the South African authorities fought to extradite him. South African journalist Regan Thaw explains attitudes towards the case in the country.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

The Shard has become the UK's tallest building with the completion of its 72-storey central core. Evan Davis went to look round the building with the spokesman for Shard London Bridge, Baron Phillips. And newspaper columnist Simon Jenkins outlines his objections to The Shard and its impact on London's skyline.

Business news with Dominic Laurie.

As below-freezing temperatures continue to cause problems across Scotland, the army has been called in to help clear the snow in Edinburgh. The novelist Ron Butlin describes the mood in Scotland's capital.

Has social mobility been affected in any way by the introduction of tuition fees? Lorraine Dearden of the Institute for Fiscal Studies examines the issue.

The UK's space sector is growing at 11% a year. Correspondent Tom Feilden looks at what lies behind the success of UK space enterprise. And David Williams, of the UK Space Agency, analyses the contribution of the industry to Britain's economy.

To commemorate its 50th birthday, Coronation Street will run an hour-long episode this evening. Actor Nigel Havers and TV writer Peter Bowker discuss the cultural contribution of the world's longest-running television soap.


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