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Page last updated at 07:28 GMT, Friday, 19 November 2010
Today: Friday 19th November

As Nato leaders meet in Portugal, the alliance's secretary general outlines his plan for local control in Afghanistan. Downing Street has rebuked the Prime Minister's enterprise adviser for suggesting that the impact of the recession has been exaggerated. And the scientist who says he has proof that humans can see into the future.

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Business news with Dominic Laurie. Professor of economics and law Jagdish Bhagwati assesses the chances of reviving the Doha trade talks. And our Friday boss is David Levin of United Business Media.

Nato will make an announcement later today about how it plans to end the war in Afghanistan. Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen outlines the alliance strategy.

Twenty-seven miners are believed to be trapped after an explosion at a coal mine in New Zealand. Nick Butcher of Radio New Zealand reports.

Business news with Dominic Laurie.

As Cornwall clears up the flooding that it has endured this week, it can take lessons from a similar experience in Cumbria last year. Jill Stannard of Cumbria Country Council explains the difficulty of returning back to normal after the floods.

The NHS could save up to £600m a year if it streamlined back office functions like IT and payroll, according a new report. Tony Spotswood, of Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch hospitals, outlines the details of the report.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

The government is publishing all departmental spending of any significance since the coalition came to power. Home affairs editor Mark Easton has been conducting his own personal audit of the figures.

Paper review.

Nato is to outline its plans for the transfer of power from international forces to the Afghan government over the next four years. Kabul correspondent Quentin Sommerville reports from Afghanistan on whether the country is ready to take over security operations.

Thought for the day with the Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks.

Downing Street has rebuked the Prime Minister's enterprise adviser, Lord Young of Graffham, for suggesting that the impact of the recession has been exaggerated. Former trade minister, Digby Jones, debates whether "we've never had it so good".

Nato members are preparing to meet in Portugal for what is being billed as one of the most crucial summits in the alliance's 61-year history. Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox debates the future of the Nato strategy in Afghanistan.

The Nobel Peace Prize may not be handed out this year because China is not likely to let anyone from the award-winner's family attend the ceremony. Richard Galpin reports on whether Russia is joining China in boycotting the ceremony.

The Sun's page three was inaugurated 40 years ago, when editor Larry Lamb put a topless woman there when Rupert Murdoch was out of the country. Feminist writer Bea Campbell and journalist Jennie Bristow discuss the controversies surrounding The Sun's page.

Sport news with Rob Bonnet.

Counter Terrorism Officers have told the BBC that far right groups like the English Defence League are acting as recruiting sergeants for Islamic extremists. Correspondent Phil Mackie has been given exclusive access to the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, becoming the first journalist allowed inside its headquarters.

It is generally accepted by the British that Americans do not have a sense of irony, apart from the cartoon Doonesbury, famous for its wry humour. Cartoonist Gary Trudeau looks back over the past 40 years of the US comic strip.

Business news with Dominic Laurie.

The Ministry of Stories is a new project, supported by famous authors including Zadie Smith and Nick Hornby, that aims to encourage children to write their own fiction. Andrew Hosken reports on the attempt to kick-start children's imagination.

Does traditional painting have a future as an art-form? Arts editor Will Gompertz discusses the issue with Jennifer Higgie, editor of art magazine Frieze and former Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey.

The government is publishing online all departmental spending since the coalition came to power. Former director of communications for the Audit Commission David Walker and Matthew Sinclair of the Taxpayers' Alliance discuss the importance of governmental transparency.


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