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Page last updated at 08:50 GMT, Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Royal wedding 'should be low key'


Prince William has announced his engagement to Kate Middleton, setting the stage for a royal wedding expected to be the biggest event of its kind since the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer nearly 30 years ago.

As Sanchia Berg reported on the programme, that royal wedding saw the nations' media almost unanimous in its celebration, with those who raised criticisms castigated as unpatriotic.

But Professor of Government Stephen Haseler certainly won't be holding his tongue this time around.

He told the programme that the British establishment was "toying with the idea of trying to distract everyone with these bread and circuses" from the economic downturn.

"We don't want lavish, pompous weddings, much better to have a private and dignified affair," he said.

But Royal historian Lady Antonia Fraser said that it was not for us to say a young couple should or should not get married, and the wedding was a powerful symbol of how Britain has changed.

"This bride seems to me not to symbolise an age of deference but an age of democracy. Good for her," she said.

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