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Today: Wednesday 27th October

Mikhail Gorbachev, the Russian leader who pulled Soviet troops out of Afghanistan, has warned that Nato cannot defeat the Taliban. And should we copy the Americans and lock up problem drinkers until they sober up for good?

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Business news with Adam Shaw: Pensions consultant Malcolm Mclean from actuaries Barnett Waddingham analyses the government's review as to whether companies should offer pension schemes. William Birch, a retail and gaming equity analyst from the investment banking group Jefferies, describes how Betfair works. Gary Grant of the Toy Retailers Association selection panel, examines why he thinks the toy industry is going to do well this Christmas.

According to the latest report from the Audit Commission, its last before abolition, councils in England uncovered nearly 120,000 cases of fraud last year worth £135m. The Commission's chairman, Michael O'Higgins, outlines the scale of the problem.

A technique used to curb drink-related crime in the USA has inspired the UK to use the same method. BBC's Catrin Nye visited South Dakota, USA, to see how the project is run.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

Nato has requested Russian military assistance to train Afghan pilots and Afghan national security forces. Today presenter John Humphrys and former US Ambassador to Nato, Kurt Volker, discuss the potential pros and cons of the return of Russian forces to the country.

Spanish-born chef Ferran Adria, of El Bulli fame, has been described in a new book as having changed the way people eat, with his unheard-of inventive dishes. BBC reporter Nicola Stanbridge went to meet him.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

The coalition government had announced plans for housing benefits to be strictly capped. However, according to the Shadow Justice Minister, Chris Bryant, the plans would force 200,000 people to move out of big cities. Councillor Timothy Coleridge examines this situation.

Paper review.

Lord Black of Crossharbour, former proprietor of the Daily Telegraph was jailed for six-and-a-half years in 2008 for fraud, and is now free on bail. Steve Hewlett spoke to him for the Media Show on Radio 4 about his perspective on the British and American media.

Thought for the Day with John Bell of the Iona Community.

The chairman of British Airways, Martin Broughton, has told a conference on security that airline passenger checks are completely redundant and the UK should stop kowtowing to the United States. Adam Shaw has been speaking to the chief executive of BAA, Colin Matthews.

Should the UK take a lead from parts of the US and lock up problem drinkers? Home editor Mark Easton explains the American system; Kit Malthouse, deputy mayor of London and Don Shenker, who runs Alcohol Concern, debate the best way to curb anti-social drinking.

From 1933 right through World War II, one of the world's great orchestras, the Berlin Philharmonic, was used by Hitler as a symbol of German pride and achievement. Author Misha Aster and playwright Sir Ronald Harwood discuss the musical power and the ambiguity of "the Reich's Orchestra".

Sport news with Rob Bonnet.

The UN's biodiversity conference in Japan is addressing the evidence of a precipitous decline in the number of species of plants and animals in the world. Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman examines whether setting up new targets will help to preserve biodiversity.

The Lord of the Rings prequel The Hobbit is to be filmed in New Zealand. Today's John Humphry's asks New Zealand's Economic Development minister, Gerry Brownlee, why Warner Brother's initially chose to pull out of filming in the country.

The remaining oil and gas in the North Sea is difficult and expensive to extract. Reporter John Moylan has been exploring a new North Sea platform, which has been described as the state-of-the-art facility and promises to give a new lease of life to the UK's oil industry.

The business news with Adam Shaw.

The former Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, has warned Nato that it can never win in Afghanistan. Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg has been speaking to Mr Gorbachev about this and other current world issues.

Should estate agents change the language they use with their customers when trying to sell properties? An estate agent Paul Bonnet met up with a poet Paul Lyle to re-invent their often idiosyncratic language.



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