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Today: Wednesday 13th October

The first few of the 33 miners in Chile, who have been trapped almost half a mile underground for 69 days, have been brought to the surface amid scenes of jubilation. And we talk to Howard Jacobson, the first author to win the Man Booker Prize with a comic novel.

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Business news with Adam Shaw: Tristan Wilkinson of the world's largest chip maker, Intel explains the computer chip company's record profits. And reporter Dominic Laurie describes how the Shetland Islands' authorities are battling to balance the books amid the government's austerity measures.

When did humanity start caring about fairness? Philosopher Dr Angie Hobbs and social historian David Kynaston discuss the history of the idea.

The fourth of 33 miners trapped deep underground for more than two months in northern Chile has been brought to the surface. The BBC's Caroline Hawley describes the drama at the San Jose mine. And NASA scientist Dr JD Polk explains how the miners had to be prepared for this rescue operation.

A new exhibition is opening at the Victoria and Albert Museum of photographs captured without a camera. The curator of the exhibition Martin Barnes describes how shadow-capture photography works.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

Health workers' union Unison goes to the High Court today to challenge government plans for changes to the NHS. The union's Karen Jennings outlines the case against the coalition's proposal.

The sports news with Garry Richardson.

At the heart of the government's approach to the spending review is the argument that the cuts will be fair. Home editor Mark Easton looks into the unions' claims that women will be unfairly affected by job losses in the public sector.

Paper review.

Scenes of jubilation are unfolding at the San Jose mine in Chile as more miners are brought to safety. Correspondent Caroline Hawley has been following the rescue operation.

Thought for the Day with Reverend Dr Giles Fraser - Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral.

Business Secretary Vince Cable has largely endorsed a major review of university funding which, if implemented, will bring radical changes to higher education in England. Lib Dem deputy leader MP Simon Hughes outlines the party's position.

The first of 33 Chilean miners trapped for 69 days half a mile underground have been brought to the surface at the San Jose mine.

The rescue in the Chilean desert is a remarkable engineering achievement: an escape route created through 700 metres of rock for the small spacecraft-like Fenix rescue capsule. Mining consultant Andy Wells explains how the Chilean rescue has been planned.

Can the Liberal Democrats reconcile their former opposition to a rise in tuition fees with the results of Lord Browne's review? Political editor Nick Robinson analyses the political minefield facing the party.

Will women feel the spending cuts more than men? Conservative MP Louise Bagshawe and Anna Bird of the Fawcett Society analyse the issue of gender fairness.

The sports news with Garry Richardson.

Novelist Howard Jacobson has won the Man Booker Prize for fiction. He discusses the importance of comedy in English literature.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

To save management costs at the BBC, there will no longer be a deputy director general. Former chairman of Granada, Sir Gerry Robinson, and documentary maker Michael Cockerell discuss the role of deputy leaders.

Five of the 33 Chilean miners have been brought to surface. Caroline Hawley reports on the latest progress in the rescue operation.

Will the proposed review on higher education open up a gap between the elite universities and the rest? Professor on higher education policy Roger Brown and Nicholas Barr, professor of public economics, analyse the impact of Lord Browne's proposals on university education in England.



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