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Today: Wednesday 29th September

The Defence Secretary Liam Fox has warned of grave consequences if the coalition presses ahead with its draconian cuts to the armed forces. And the Bronze Age tourist found buried near Stonehenge.

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Business news: Economist Steven Bell and investment manager Paul Kavanagh discuss whether quantitative easing would be the best option to get the economy out of recession. Adam Shaw went to Knightsbridge in London to see how the luxury market is faring and discusses the issue with the social commentator Peter York.

Protests are expected to take place across Europe today as the European Trade Union Confederation stages a day of action against the spending cuts adopted by a number of European governments. Gavin Hewitt reports from Spain on the long-term sustainability of the European social model.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

A recent discovery shows that Bronze Age people may have travelled across Europe to visit Stonehenge. Archaeologist Dr Andrew Fitzpatrick and Dr Jane Evans of the British Geological Survey discuss the importance of unearthing a Mediterranean teenager at the site from about 3,500 years ago.

MPs who want to join Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet have until 5pm today to submit their nominations. Political correspondent Iain Watson analyses how much influence the new leader will have on the choice of his cabinet.

The sports news with Rob Bonnet.

Pakistan's former president General Pervez Musharraf is planning to launch a new political party in London, where he is now based. Zubeida Malik analyses why so many Pakistani politicians have made Britain their home in recent years.

The paper review.

People in their late thirties and early forties are the unhappiest members of our society, according to a new report. Claire Tyler, of the marriage guidance service Relate, reflects on the state of the UK's relationships.

Thought for the Day with Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner of Alyth Gardens Synagogue.

The Defence Secretary Liam Fox has warned of grave consequences if the coalition presses ahead with its draconian cuts to the armed forces. Defence correspondent Caroline Wyatt examines the effect of the cuts on UK's military. And General Sir Richard Dannatt talks about the timing and extent of possible cuts.

The day after his first conference speech as Labour leader, Ed Miliband tells Sarah Montague about uniting the party while making a break from the past.

The sports news with Rob Bonnet.

Ed Miliband has distanced himself from old Labour party politics. Political editor Nick Robinson analyses the outlook for the new leader.

General strikes are expected today across Europe in the protest against the austerity measures proposed by governments in the wake of the financial crisis. Economist Dr Irwin Stelzer and John Monks of the European Trade Union Confederation debate whether the European social model can be saved.

Business news with Adam Shaw.|

Western intelligence agencies have uncovered an Al-Qaeda plot to carry out commando-style raids in cities in Britain, France and Germany. Correspondent Frank Gardner outlines the threat to the UK's security.

Ed Miliband used the phrase "new generation" 14 times in his conference speech. A new generation political blogger, Will Straw, and the more mature Times columnist David Aaronovitch discuss the importance of the political generation cap.



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