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Today: Tuesday 28th September

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has made one of his sons a general, fuelling speculation that he is being groomed to take over. And Paul Gaugin's great-granddaughter talks about the artist's legacy.

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Business news with Adam Shaw: Markets strategist Jeremy Stretch explains the rumours originating from Brazil's finance minister that an "international currency war" has broken out. And Nigel Cates of the Office of Fair Trading says there is "widespread incompetence" across the

Ed Miliband will set out his vision for the Labour party when he gives his first conference speech as leader in Manchester later today. Sarah Montague talked to the party members about the direction they want the Labour party to take in relation to David Cameron's "big society".

Britain faces a historic opportunity to be a major player in space, according to a new report. US space expert Jim Bennett explains how space exploration has changed over the past decades.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the long-serving mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, to resign. Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg explains the background to the dispute between the city hall and the Kremlin.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

Does obsessive determination to be the best destroy the enjoyment of sport? Former England cricketer and Times columnist Ed Smith analyses whether professionalism is undermining sport.

North Korea's ruling party is holding its first full conference in 30 years. Professor Hazel Smith of Cranfield University and former international negotiator William Tobey discuss the speculations that Kim Jong-il's son is being groomed to take over as leader.

The paper review.

What will Ed Miliband be thinking of as he prepares his first conference speech as Labour leader? Michael White of The Guardian and Philip Collins, Tony Blair's former speechwriter, debate what lessons the current leader can take from previous Labour conference speeches.

Thought for the Day with Bishop Tom Butler.

The government is planning to lift the restrictions on the ownership of all local media. Culture and Media Secretary Jeremy Hunt explains the coalition vision for a strengthened local media network.

Ed Miliband is expected to seek to draw a line under the Blair-Brown era and tell Labour delegates that a new generation is in charge in his first speech as Labour leader. Political editor Nick Robinson gives his analysis of the vision Ed Miliband will seek to set out.

Ministers and security chiefs will meet today to discuss the Strategic Defence Review. Lieutenant Colonel Richard Williams and Professor Michael Clarke, of the Royal United Services Institute, analyse where money can be saved in Britain's armed forces.

A new exhibition at Tate Modern in London will attempt to give an insight into the private thoughts the painter Paul Gaugin. Arts editor Will Gompertz speaks to Gaugin's great-granddaughter about the artist's legacy.

The sports news with Rob Bonnet.

Britain is not doing enough to take advantage of the opportunities that await in space, according to a new report. Professor of space physics Ken Pounds and Dr Tom Pike, who worked with NASA for 10 years, discuss the UK's potential for space exploration.

During his first party conference speech, Ed Miliband will have to assert authority over his shadow cabinet, many of whom supported his brother David. Political correspondent Norman Smith looks at what the new leader will need to do to be accepted by party members.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

Fundamental changes are needed in aftercare for cancer patients, according to a leading cancer specialist. Professor Jane Maher, of Macmillan Cancer Support, believes that many routine follow-up checks after cancer treatment should be dropped.

In around six weeks the US will go to the polls in critical mid-term congressional elections. Kevin Connolly reports from Searchlight Nevada on the Republican decision to pick a "tea party" candidate to run against Democrats in the region.

How should the Labour party and its new leader Ed Miliband respond to David Cameron's idea of the "big society"? General secretary of Unison Dave Prentis and Matthew Taylor of the RSA debate where Labour should stand on society and the state.



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