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Today: Saturday 25th September

The Labour Party will learn who their new leader will be as the party conference opens in Manchester. And Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson describes the threat level from dissident republicans as worrying.

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The Labour leadership contest is still too close to call. Political correspondent Jo Coburn reports from the party's conference in Manchester.

England have become the first overseas Commonwealth Games team to arrive Delhi as many other countries are delaying their arrival. BBC correspondent Rahul Tandon reports from the Indian capital.

The paper review.

The prison population in England and Wales is at a record high; there are now more than 85,000 people behind bars. Today presenter, Evan Davis, asked the Harvard criminologist Christopher Stone and filmmaker Roger Graef how restorative justice might help victims.

The sports news with Rob Bonnet.

Today we will learn who the next Labour leader will be. Chief political correspondent Norman Smith asks whether Labour has missed its chance after its worst defeat in election history.

The Home Secretary has said the threat level to Great Britain from dissident Irish republicans has been raised from "moderate" to "substantial". Richard English, professor of Politics at Queen's University, discusses the dissident groups' technical expertise.

The paper review.

Why is it that so many arts institutions in this country have to rely on the taxpayer but in the United States there are so many private donations and big cash endowments? Arts Editor Will Gompertz examines the difference between American and British arts financing.

Thought for the Day with Brian Draper, associate lecturer at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

A number of public health quangos are on a leaked list of those being considered for the be axe. Does this mark a turning point in public health policy? Stephen Dorrell MP and Professor Julian Le Grand debate how cutting such bodies may affect healthcare.

David Miliband has been the front runner in the Labour leadership contest from the outset, but his younger brother Ed is now the bookies' favourite. Ed Miliband supporter Lord Kinnock outlines the challenges facing Labour's new leader.

What came before the Big Bang that led to the formation of the universe? Sir Roger Penrose's new book explains his thoughts on the nature of creation.

How effective is a public affirmation of faith? Father Ulick Loring reflects on the impact of Pope Benedict's visit.

The sports news with Rob Bonnet.

The President of the Commonwealth Games Federation, Michael Fennell, outlines the current situation in Delhi and sports journalist Mihir Bose gives his reaction to the recent problems.

Ministers are looking at whether restorative justice could be used more widely in England and Wales as part of their sentencing review. Today reporter Andrew Hosken speaks to Coral Kent as she prepared to meet the man who stabbed her husband in an unprovoked attack.

The paper review.

What is the future of cartoon strips? Peanuts along with other cartoons such as Garfield are featured in thousands of newspapers around the world. Charles Peattie, who writes and illustrates Alex in the Daily Telegraph and Anita O'Brien, curator of The Cartoon Museum in London, discuss the enduring appeal of the genre.

David Miliband's campaign chairman, Douglas Alexander, examines how the party hopes to go forward following the election of a new leader.


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