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Page last updated at 06:15 GMT, Monday, 20 September 2010 07:15 UK
Today: Monday 20th September

UK forces are marking the end of their mission in the Sangin area of Afghanistan's Helmand province and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is to try to ease doubts over the coalition in his speech to the Lib Dem conference.

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Business news with Adam Shaw.

Scientists are warning that a solar flare-up could cause disruption on earth at any time. Avi Schnurr, a space scientist and president of the Electric Infrastructure Security Council, explains the risks.

British forces in southern Afghanistan have officially handed responsibility for security in Sangin to the US. The Army's Major General Gordon Messenger explains the reasons behind the redeployment.

Nick Clegg is facing disquiet over the coalition at the Lib Dem conference. Today presenter Justin Webb reports from the Liberal Democrats' conference in Liverpool.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

The BBC's Natural History Unit has discovered the world's highest living tigers during an expedition to the remote Himalayas in Bhutan. Gordon Buchanan, the BBC cameraman who filmed the tigers, explains how he found the animals.

The sports news with Rob Bonnet.

Today presenter John Humphrys has gone back to school over the past nine months for a BBC2 documentary being shown tonight. He reports on what he found speaking to head teachers, parents, academic experts and lots of children.

The paper review.

Nick Clegg will make an impassioned defence of his decision to enter the coalition in his address to the party conference. Simon Hughes, deputy leader of the parliamentary party, discusses the Lib Dems' mood.

Thought for the Day with Canon Dr Alan Billings, an Anglican priest.

Has English cricket been tarnished by the Pakistan tour? Sports editor David Bond and England batting coach Graham Gooch examine the latest allegations in the long-running scandal.

In his speech to the party conference Nick Clegg will try to reassure Lib Dems critics of the coalition. Political editor Nick Robinson assesses the party's mood and former party leader Lord Ashdown discusses the Lib Dems' mood. reflects on the first months of coalition.

British forces in southern Afghanistan have officially pulled out of Sangin after four years of bloody fighting there. Ian Pannell, the last broadcaster in the province before the handover, reports on the pull-out.

The sports news with Rob Bonnet.

Why do rich, thick children do better from our education system than poor, clever ones? Education Secretary Michael Gove discusses what the government is doing to ensure that education aids social mobility.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

The Lib Dem conference appears willing to accept coalition politics, but what of Lib Dem voters around the country? Chief political correspondent Norman Smith reports on reaction to the Lib Dems' move away from left-leaning politics.

Were British forces defeated in Sangin in Afghanistan? Colonel Stuart Tootal, who commanded the first battle group of 1,200 soldiers sent into Sangin four years ago, reflects on the mission.

Can you teach someone to be a world leader? Professor Ngaire Woods, leader of a project at Oxford University to give future leaders the skills they need, and Blair biographer Professor Anthony Seldon, debate the issue.


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