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Today: Thursday 2nd September

President Obama has urged Israeli and Palestinian leaders to seize the moment when they meet in Washington today for their first direct talks in almost two years. And as the ballot for the Labour leadership gets underway, we reveal how the party has gone far beyond the "one member, one vote" promise.

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Business news with Adam Shaw: Author and former Lehman's trader Larry McDonald analyses the criticism of the former chairman of Lehman Brothers that the bank was treated unfairly by the US financial regulator. Audrey Gallacher, of Consumer Focus, talks about accusations that some energy companies are mis-selling their services to customers.

William Hague has said there was nothing improper in his relationship with one of his special advisers, Christopher Myers, even though he shared a hotel room with him. Former adviser to Gordon Brown, Michael Jacobs explains the role of a special adviser.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, meet for the first time in two years today in Washington. James Naughtie analyses the chances for successful negotiations.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

Europe's largest consumer electronics trade fair begins in Berlin this week. Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones takes a look at the gleaming appliances, tablet PCs and home 3D screens.

The sports news with Garry Richardson.

Voting for the next Labour party leader gets underway. Today correspondent Tom Bateman reveals how the party has gone far beyond the "one member, one vote" promise. Chairman of the parliamentary Labour Party Tony Lloyd defends the electoral system.

The paper review.

Israelis and the Palestinians will sit down in Washington today to try again to move towards a resolution of their conflict. Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen outlines the history of peace negotiations and the current position of Palestinian settlements in Israel. Professor of politics Beverley Milton-Edwards explains where Hamas stands in the peace talks.

Thought for the Day with Reverend Dr Giles Fraser, Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral.

32 schools in England and Wales will re-open as academies on the first day of the new school term, taking a greater control over their budgets and their future. Zenna Atkins, of an independent school group GEMS, analyses the role of private sector in education.

In a personal statement, Foreign Secretary William Hague has admitted sharing a hotel room with a young male special adviser during the election but has vehemently denied improper behaviour. BBC political correspondent James Landale, former Daily Telegraph political editor George Jones and journalism professor Roy Greenslade analyse the political fallout over the allegations.

The first direct Israeli-Palestinian talks in nearly two years get under way in Washington. Israeli cabinet minister Avishay Braverman describes what the parties are expecting from the negotiations.

The internet is making us lose the ability to do "solitary, attentive thinking" according to author Nicholas Carr. He discusses the impact of online quick thinking with innovation expert Vijay Govindarajan.

The sports news with Garry Richardson.

In the light of the forthcoming strategic defence review, former First Sea Lord, Admiral Lord Boyce, has called for continued investment in the Royal Navy. He outlines his view that the navy is crucially important to Britain's future. 0836
Business news with Adam Shaw.

Bruce Bovill spoke movingly to the programme over three years ago about the challenges of being a carer for his wife who was in the late stages of dementia. Jan Bovill has died at the age of 69 and her funeral takes place today. Mr Bovill now pays tribute to the woman he met when he was aged 18.

President Obama has urged Israeli and Palestinian leaders to seize the moment when they meet in Washington today for their first direct talks in almost two years. Former Palestinian minister Dr Ghassan Khatib explains the United States' role in the negotiations.

Researchers at the University of Oxford claim to have identified the genes that make people selfish. The University's Andy Gardner explains evidence showing how mothers' genes are responsible for people's selfishness.

William Hague has surprised the Westminster community with a statement trying diffuse allegations about his special adviser. Public relations specialist Max Clifford assesses whether the Foreign Secretary was right to make the statement.



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