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Today: Saturday 7th August

Pakistan's devastating floods have swept south into one of the country's most populous regions. The mother of three children found dead at their home in Edinburgh has been charged with their murder. And plans for the country's largest dairy farm which will have 8,000 cattle.

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UN officials have described the devastating floods in Pakistan as a disaster of major proportions that is getting worse by the hour. At least 1600 people have died, as the floodwaters that initially hit north-western areas of the country move southwards through the Indus River. Correspondent Orla Guerin discusses how the floods could get worse, as it is only midway through monsoon season.

An American woman whose two sons and daughter were found dead in Edinburgh discusses how the floods could get worse, as it is only midway through monsoon season. has been charged with their murder. Correspondent James Cook discusses how Theresa Riggi remains in a serious but stable condition in hospital, after apparently falling from a balcony at the house.

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Russian health officials are warning people in Moscow to stay inside as a choking fog from the worst wildfires in the country's history smothers the city. Correspondent Richard Galpin describes how the smog is so thick that the city's famous landmarks are disappearing from view.

After an absence of four years Fidel Castro will step back into the political spotlight to address a special session of Cuba's National Assembly. Correspondent Michael Voss discusses how Castro has been making some public appearances recently, though this is his first political address.

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The company behind plans to build a so-called super dairy in Lincolnshire has discussed a new application with local residents. the Cranfield School of Management Sean Rickard and Compassion in World Farming's Peter Stevenson discuss concerns over the smell, the effect on house prices and the welfare of the cattle.

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Sixty-six years ago the people of Warsaw and the Polish Home Army began their desperate and doomed attempt to defeat the German forces occupying their city. One of those who fought in the uprising was Daniella Hausman, who was then 21 years old. She describes her experiences to our reporter Bob Walker.

The floods in Pakistan are the worst anyone can remember. Habib Malik, who works for Islamic Relief and has been in Nowshera, a city in the north west of Pakistan which was severely hit by the floods, describes the situation in the region.

There have been two bomb attacks in Northern Ireland this week, a 200lb explosive device went off outside a police station in Londonderry in a hijacked taxi and the next day a booby trap bomb had to be dismantled under a soldier's car in Bangor, County Down. Deputy first minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness discusses how the peace process has been undermined.

David Cameron upset a lot of people this week by suggesting that people should no longer be able to live in council houses for the rest of their lives and even hand them on to their children. Tory MP Nadine Dorries discusses the need for building more good social housing and then saying to tenants, live there for five years trouble free and we will give you incentives to buy your home, not move them on.

A British woman is thought to be among a number of foreigners shot dead in north eastern Afghanistan. Six Americans, a German and two Afghans were also killed. Correspondent Quentin Sommerville explains how police believe robbery appears to be the motive.

The sports news with Garry Richardson.

As millions in Pakistan have been left with nothing the Pakistani prime minister attends a political rally for his son. Pakistani TV reporter Talat Hussain describes the impact of the floods.

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The Edinburgh fringe festival starts this weekend. Some of the best new comedy talent will be on show hoping to impress the numerous talent scouts lurking in the crowds. Commissioning editor for BBC radio comedy Paul Mayhew-Archer and stand up comic Janey Godley discuss if it's still necessary for comedians to follow the traditional route of bars, stand-up clubs, Radio 2, Radio 4 and then TV.

The new Australian prime minister, Julia Gillard, held a face-to-face meeting today with her predecessor Kevin Rudd, their first encounter since she so ruthlessly ousted him from office six weeks ago. With just two weeks to go until election day, correspondent Nick Bryant has been on the campaign trail.

Some may say that David Cameron recent gaffes have been a result of over-confidence. Is he the first prime minister to trip up after his first few weeks? Sheila Gunn who worked for Sir John Major and Lance Price who worked for Tony Blair discuss how other prime ministers coped with their new-found responsibility.



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