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Justice Ministry to review Venables supervision

The Ministry of Justice is to review how Jon Venables was supervised after his release from custody. Venables was sentende to two years in priosn never an ordinary prisoner, and when released on licence in 2001, was never going to be an ordinary case for the probation service.

In now emerges that he was living in Cheshire and held down a job earning the minimum wage and that a he was arrested for a drunken fight in 2008, as well as being found in possession of cocaine and cautioned that year too. But he was not sent back to jail for breeching his licence.

Diana Fulbrook, Head of Public Protection for the Probation Chiefs' Association told Today presenter Evan Davis that the decision not to recall Venables to prison in respect of a fight was "not a failure" and was made be people who did not know his identity.

Speaking on the programme David Holmes, senior forensic psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, said that the pattern of behaviour in terms of minor offences is far more indicative of how someone like Vanables was behaving and adjusting to life outside custody and suggested that the was "someone who should not have been released in the first place".

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