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Page last updated at 07:45 GMT, Monday, 28 June 2010 08:45 UK
Today: Monday 28th June

David Cameron has said that G20 leaders back his government's austerity Budget, aimed at cutting Britain's deficit. And England's footballers will head home today after being knocked out of the World Cup.

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Business news with Adam Shaw: Dr Dominic Swords of Henley Business School analyses the G20's pans to slash national deficits, Shore Capital's Rupert Armitage looks over the markets and Business Minister Mark Prisk discusses how best to promote small business.

Iranian scientists say they have developed a simple blood test that will accurately predict when a woman will reach the menopause. They will be presenting their evidence at a fertility conference in Rome today. Dr Fahimeh Ramezani Tehrani, from the University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, explains the findings.

Leaders at the G20 summit in Canada have agreed to cut national budget deficits while endeavouring to promote economic growth. The BBC's North America editor Mark Mardell who is in Toronto, assesses the meeting's achievements.

England are out of the World Cup. Writer Lynne Truss gives her thoughts on the team's performance and dramatic exit.

Business News with Adam Shaw.

The government wants to change the law so that people accused of rape are given the same anonymity that is currently applied to alleged victims. The coalition agreement also promised to give anonymity to teachers accused by pupils. Paul Mendelle QC explains the role of anonymity in an open and transparent justice system.

More than two thousand years ago Suetonius wrote a profile of Rome's 12 great emperors. It was called the Twelve Caesars and it was a huge success. Now the historian Nigel Hamilton written a book on the US president called American Caesars. Mr Hamilton and Cambridge classicist Prof Mary Beard reflect on the "imperial presidency".

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

The government will today announce a temporary limit on the number of migrant workers from outside the EU allowed into the UK. The limit will take effect next month. Home Secretary Theresa May outlines the government's plans.

The paper review.

There have been large-scale demonstrations across Iraq over the past week, protesting at the poor quality of the country's basic services. Baghdad correspondent Gabriel Gatehouse reports on the political uncertainty following Iraq's inconclusive elections.

Thought for the day with Canon Lucy Winkett.

Was one of the reasons England crashed out of the World Cup because the game is geared more towards club than country? The FA's former executive director, David Davies, and former sports minister Richard Caborn discuss the fault lines in English football.

Leaders at the G20 summit in Canada have agreed to cut national budget deficits without stunting economic growth. They aim to halve deficits by 2013. Sir Howard Davies and Lord Myners debate whether the agreement accords with the coalition government's plans.

What does the future hold for one of our proud national institutions, the Library Service, in the face of cuts in local government? The BBC's Bob Walker travelled to Nottingham and Grimsby to see what can be done to preserve this public service.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

Tate Britain will be celebrating 20 years sponsorship from BP. Protests are planned outside the event due to BPs environmental record. Greenpeace's Charlie Kronik and Sir Christopher Frayling discuss whether association with the arts provides oil companies with social legitimacy.

Business News with Adam Shaw

Chancellor George Osborne says the government is determined to reduce the bill for benefits paid to people judged unfit for work, protecting "those with genuine needs" while encouraging those who can work to seek employment. Middlesborough GP and BMS spokesman Dr John Canning reacts to the coalition's plan.

How cynical has the public become about politicians and who is to blame? Pollster Deborah Mattinson discusses her her new book, Talking to a Brick Wall.

Today's World Cup panel: former cricketer Ed Smith, Professor Stefan Szymanski and author Matthew Syed reconvene to discuss England's World Cup defeat.


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