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Today: Saturday 19th June

BP has denied claims by one of its partners that its handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill amounted to "gross negligence". And a retired GP struck off for giving excessive doses of morphine to dying patients has admitted deliberately hastening their deaths.

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A GP struck off for giving vulnerable elderly people excessively high doses of morphine has admitted to hastening the deaths of patients in his care. Dr Howard Martin was interviewed by journalist Nigel Bunyan, who speaks to Today presenter John Humphrys about the case.

Was England's match with Algeria one of their worst World Cup performances ever? Sports editor David Bond discusses whether they can recover and qualify to the next round.

The paper review.

Refugees from Iraq, Darfur, Rwanda, Burma and Somalia are giving tours of the Victoria and Albert Museum to mark Refugee Week. BBC correspondent, Caroline Hawley, joined a tour led by a former Iraqi teacher.

The plans for one of the biggest centres for biomedical research and innovation will be unveiled today. Today reporter Tom Feilden has been to north London to find out more about the centre.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

European Union leaders have decided to publish stress tests on 25 of Europe's banks. FT commentator Martin Wolf discusses whether the tests can restore confidence in the financial system.

Poland is set to vote for a new President. Lech Kaczynski, the former head of state, died alongside 95 others in April when his plane crashed in Russia. Europe correspondent, Jonny Dymond, reports from Poland on the race.

The paper review.

Britain's very first celebrity cricket match is set to be recreated at the finale of the Broadway Arts Festival in the Cotswolds. Kevin Telfer, who has written a book about the event, speaks to Today presenter John Humphrys.

Thought for the day with Brian Draper, Associate lecturer at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

The findings of the Saville report have been welcomed as another step in healing the wounds of Northern Ireland's violent history. Lord Alderdice examines if dissident groups still threaten the peace process.

To cut or not to cut? The argument continues amongst economists and policy makers about whether countries should start putting their finances in order. Economic adviser George Magnus and economist Bridget Rosewell discuss how to avoid another recession.

BP has been criticised over its role in the Gulf of Mexico oil crisis by Texan company Anadarko, which co-owns the well. Washington correspondent, Paul Adams analyses BP's reaction to the claim.

Terezin in the Czech Republic was a unique Nazi concentration camp with some of the best composers in Europe. Their work is being performed at Wigmore Hall in London. Reporter Sanchia Berg has been speaking to some of the few survivors of Terezin and listening to the rehearsals.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

A GP struck off for giving vulnerable elderly people excessively high doses of morphine has admitted to hastening the deaths of patients in his care. Paul Gittins, son of one of the victims, describes his feelings towards Howard Martin.

A consortium of the UK's most prestigious scientific institutions outlined plans for the biggest biomedical research centre in Europe. Sir Paul Nurse outlines what this will mean for biomedical research in the UK.

The Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes has said theatres will close and ticket prices will rise as a result of the Government's arts policy. Arts correspondent Rebecca Jones reports from the Old Vic in London.

A British WW2 veteran is being honoured today - by the Germans. The city of Kiel in northern Germany is presenting its Great Seal to Major Tony Hibbert. He speaks to Today presenter John Humphrys about his feelings at receiving the award.

England played Algeria last night and sadly it was another dismal draw. It's been a week of surprise results. Sports writers Matthew Syed and Harry Harris discuss England's chances of qualifying for the next round.



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