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Today: Thursday 17th June

The chief executive of BP will be grilled by a Congressional Committee on the Gulf of Mexico oil crisis. The company has pledged nearly 14 billion pounds towards a compensation fund. And the Chancellor has confirmed that he will give the Bank of England the key role in regulating the UK financial sector.

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The Financial Services Authority (FSA) will "cease to exist". Chancellor George Osborne has confirmed the Bank of England will regulate the UK financial sector. Business editor, Robert Peston discusses how the new system will operate.

A plane carrying Iraqis being forcibly deported from Britain is being flown back to Baghdad. Richard Whittel from the Coalition to Stop Deportations to Iraq explains why he is against this.

The business news with Adam Shaw.

The organisers of the London 2012 Olympic Games will announce today the creative team chosen to oversee the games' opening and closing ceremonies. Songwriter John Shuttleworth explains what he would like to see at the London ceremonies.

BP has agreed to suspend its dividend payments for the rest of the year and to put $20bn in a compensation fund for victims of the Gulf oil spill. Oil analyst Nick McGregor analyses the implications for the company.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

The abolition of the Financial Services Authority will have a huge impact on banking. The FSA's chairman, Lord Turner gives his reaction to the Chancellor's regulatory reform plans.

David Cameron is attending his first EU summit as Prime Minister. EU leaders are expected to discuss the financial crisis in the Eurozone. Political editor Nick Robinson discusses what the visit means for the Prime Minister.
The paper review

Is this the worst World Cup in history? Author Lynne Truss discusses the tournament so far.

Thought for the day with Reverend Roy Jenkins.

The Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, has said Israel's recent raid on ships trying to deliver aid to the Gaza Strip has destroyed any chance of peace in the region for the foreseeable future. Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen reports live from the Syrian capital, Damascus.

The Bank of England is set to regulate the UK financial sector. Chancellor George Osborne speaks to Today presenter, James Naughtie about his plans for regulatory reform.

The World Cup is being criticised for a lack of goals and poor performances from key players. Sports editor David Bond reports from Argentina's training camp in Pretoria.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

Oscar-winning film-maker Danny Boyle and director Stephen Daldry have been chosen to organise the London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony, organisers have announced. Arts editor Will Gompertz spoke to them about their new role.

In the light of David Cameron attending his first EU summit, Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan outlines why the coalition government will not be able to avoid the problem of the eurozone.

The business news with Adam Shaw.

The of BP's chief executive Tony Hayward will appear before a Congressional Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington today to answer questions about his company's handling of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. BBC correspondent Paul Adams looks ahead to the hearing.

Once the vows have been sworn, the cake has been cut, and the honeymoon is over, what are the secrets of a lasting marriage in the 21st century? Catherine Blyth, author of the Art of Marriage, explains why marriage matters.

In the light of George Osborne's Mansion House speech, Will Hutton, executive vice chair of The Work Foundation and Stuart Popham, chairman of TheCityUK, discuss banking regulation and reform.



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