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Today: Saturday 5th June

Activists on a cargo-ship trying to take aid to Gaza say the Israeli navy is closely shadowing them. And President Barack Obama has said it is "way too early to be optimistic" as he makes his third visit to the oil-hit Gulf of Mexico coast.

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Israel has insisted that it will not allow an aid ship to breach its blockade of Gaza. The Irish merchant ship, Rachel Corrie, will try to enter Gaza waters later today. Mary Hughes Thompson of the Free Gaza Movement speaks from from Cyprus.

Special church services are being held across Cumbria this weekend to remember those killed and injured by taxi driver Derrick Bird. Correspondent Laura Bicker reports from Whitehaven.

The paper review.

"Fela!" the Broadway musical sensation will start its run at the National Theatre in a few months time. Correspondent Matt Wells reports from New York on how 1970s Nigeria became a Broadway hit.

Labour MP and long-time campaigner on child poverty, Frank Field, has been appointed by the coalition government to head a new inquiry into poverty. Donald Hirsch, from Loughborough University, outlines why we need another review.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.


President Barak Obama, on his third visit to Louisiana, says it is "too early to be optimistic" about BP's latest attempt to curb the oil spill. Environment correspondent David Shukman analyses the president's warning to BP.

The three-day national peace conference in Kabul, Afghanistan has now ended. BBC correspondent Paul Wood analyses whether President Hamid Karzai will open negotiations with the Taliban.

The paper review.

A commercial test rocket has successfully reached orbit on its maiden voyage. The company SpaceX developed the rocket with help from Nasa. Science writer David Whitehouse examines the future of space research.

Thought for the day with the Catherine Pepinster, Editor of the Tablet.

After the shootings in Cumbria this week, Anthony Dwyer, head teacher of St Gregory and St Patrick's Catholic Community School in Whitehaven, and psychologist Dr. Jane McCartney explain how children deal with traumatic events.

Israeli ships are now shadowing the Rachel Corrie, the latest aid ship trying to break the blockade of Gaza. Chris Gunness of the United Nations Relief and Work Agency and former Israeli diplomat Alon Pinkas discuss the impact of Israel's blockade.

More than 1000 people defied threats to attend the funeral of Bobby Moffett, who was shot in Belfast last week. Police believe he was murdered by the loyalist paramilitary UVF. The death has prompted the leader of the Progessive Unionist Party Dawn Purvis to resign. The party's interim leader, John Kyle, discusses the impact of the killing.
Australia correspondent Nick Bryant reports from the Sydney Opera House, which is hosting its first concert for dogs.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

Labour MP Frank Field is to lead a poverty review on behalf of the coalition government. Professor Danny Dorling from Sheffield University outlines governments' attempts to combat the problem and Frank Field MP outlines his hopes for the inquiry.

The paper review.

'Rude Britannia' is a new exhibition opening at Tate Britain next week. Reporter Nicola Stanbridge takes a look at the exhibition with comedian, and amateur painter, Harry Hill.

Is it the "curse of the England captain" as Rio Ferdinand is ruled out of the World Cup with knee ligament damage? Sports writer Sue Mott analyses what this means for the England's hopes of footballing triumph.

The Rachel Corrie - the ship loaded with aid supplies heading for Gaza is now being closely shadowed by Israeli naval vessels. The Israeli military say that they have warned those on board they are approaching an area of hostilities which is under blockade but they say the ship has ignored their warnings. The BBC's John Donnison has the latest from Gaza.

What is the value of collecting a first edition of a book? Columnist Christopher Howse and Julian Rota discuss the joys of book collecting.



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