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Today: Friday 4th June

David Cameron will visit Cumbria today to meet some of those affected by the fatal shooting of 12 people on Wednesday. And BP engineers have placed a cap over a damaged well that has been allowing oil to escape into the Gulf of Mexico since April.

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Chris Brewin, a professor of clinical psychology, analyses how victims deal with situations such as the aftermath of the Cumbria shooting.

National peace conference is being held in Kabul. Afghanistan correspondent Paul Wood looks at the possible outcome of the event.

The business news with Nick Cosgrove.

British Telecom members will go on strike unless the company improves its two per cent pay offer. Andy Kerr, of the Communications Workers Union, discusses the company's policy on bonuses.

The coalition government is looking again at the plans for a new high speed rail between London and Scotland. Reporter Nicola Stanbridge investigates how the local residents feel about the scheme.

Sports news with Chris Dennis.

James Bevan, of CCLA Investment Management, assesses BP's financial health in the midst of concerns about the continuing oil leak off the coast of Louisiana.

The paper review.

Thought for the day with the Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks.

British Film Institute is showing a season of films exploring the representation of science. Reporter Tom Feilden looks at the Hollywood stereotypes of scientists.

All 34 of the Britons on board the Gaza flotilla have now been accounted for. Sarah Colborne talks of her experiences on the ship Mavi Marmara where 9 people were killed during the Israeli raid when it was carrying aid to Gaza.

Prime Minister and the Home Secretary will be in Cumbria today. Reporter Andrew Hosken spoke to one family who appears to have had a remarkable escape. And former mayor of Hungerford, Ron Tarry, talks about how a community copes with such an ordeal.

Hundreds of people are expected to attend the funeral of Bobby Moffett in Belfast later despite warnings to stay away. Pastor Jack Mckee outlines the current situation.

Sports news with Chris Dennis.

BP's chief executive has admitted that his company was not well prepared for the oil rig accident. Stryker McGuire from Newsweek and marketing consultant Allyson Stewart-Allen discuss what the US expects from business leaders.

What are the opportunities for black actors in Britain? Actors Delroy Lindo and Michelle Asante discuss whether black actors find it easier to break through in the US rather than in Britain.

Easyjet has unveiled a new technology which will limit future volcanic ash disruption. Andy Harrison, chief executive of Easyjet, explains how it will work.

The business news with Nick Cosgrove.

The Pope will be visiting Britain in September ahead of the beatification of Cardinal Newman in Coventry. Biographer John Cornwell and Jack Valero, of the conservative group Opus Dei, debate whether conservative Catholics are trying to 'tidy up' the image of Cardinal Newman.



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