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Today: Friday 28th May

The Conservatives have decisively won the delayed election in Thirsk and Malton. And President Obama is to visit the Gulf of Mexico, after trying to reassure Americans that he is doing all he can to deal with the massive oil leak.

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New estimates from a panel of US scientists said at least 12,000 barrels were leaking into the Gulf every day, far exceeding the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster. Ian Macdonald, a biological oceanographer at Florida State University, describes the current situation.

Conservative Anne McIntosh has won the delayed general election poll in the North Yorkshire constituency of Thirsk and Malton, with the Liberal Democrats second and Labour third. Political correspondent Ross Hawkins comments on the Conservative's victory.

The business news with Nick Cosgrove.

Brushing your teeth could help prevent heart disease , according to researchers at the University College of London. Richard Watt from the Department of Epidemiology & Public Health at UCL discusses the results.

One of Britain's most famous ballerinas Dame Margot Fonteyn, was "up to her neck" in a coup plot in Central America in 1959 , along with Fidel Castro. The proof of Dame Fontayn's involvement was discovered in government files released today at the National Archives. Sanchia Berg reports.

Sports news with Chris Dennis.

Plans for identity cards for British citizens will be scrapped within 100 days, the government has said, hailing the move as the first step to reduce the control of the state over law abiding people. David Blunkett, former Labour home secretary, criticises the abolition of ID cards. criticises the abolition of ID cards.

The paper review.

The Museum of London will open its new "Galleries of Modern London" today to the public. Today's presenter Evan Davis spoke to the actor and iconic Londoner, Sir Michael Caine about the capital's diverse make up and multiculturalism.

Watch a video clip of Sir Michael Caine's interview

Thought for the day with Vishvapani, a member of the Western Buddhist Order.

UEFA, European soccer's governing body, has approved rules aimed at curbing reckless spending by football clubs. Under UEFA president Michel Platini's "Financial Fair Play" plan, clubs will not be able to spend more than they generate through revenues and cash injections from rich benefactors will be severely restricted. Sports editor, David Bond outlines how the the new rules will affect clubs, and UEFA's head of media Rob Faulkner explains why the new rules have been introduced.

BP says its top kill operation to stem the oil leak in the Mexican Gulf will continue for another 24 hours. New official estimates of the leak suggest the leak has far eclipsed the previous worst oil spill in US history - the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster. President Obama will later visit the area of the spill. Andrew Gowers, spokesman for BP describes the progress in curbing the spill.

The American thriller writer, Jeffrey Deaver, has been chosen to step into Ian Fleming's shoes and write the new James Bond book , which will be published a year from today. Deaver and Jonny Geller, long-time literary agent, speak to Today's presenter Evan Davis about protecting the integrity of old works.

Sports news with Chris Dennis.

President Obama announced his new National Security Strategy for the US yesterday. Richard Perle, former adviser to the Pentagon in the run-up to the Iraq, analyses the extent to which the new strategy diverges from that of his predecessor.

The business news with Nick Cosgrove.

The first full review of Britain's armed forces for more than 10 years is under way. Dr Paul Cornish, head of the international security programme at Chatham House, Andrew Brookes a former RAF pilot and director of the Air League, examine whether there is still a role for the RAF.

New official estimates of the leak suggest the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico has far eclipsed the previous worst oil spill in US history - the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster. President Obama will later visit the area of the spill. Dr. Manouchehr Takin, senior analyst with the Centre for Global Energy Studies and senior climate adviser at Greenpeace, Charlie Kronick debate whether the use of oil in the future of energy production.

The National Identity Card is to be scrapped "within a hundred days". The new Home Secretary Theresa May says the scheme, introduced by the last Labour Government, has been wasteful, bureaucratic and intrusive. John Kirby, one of 15,000 people who took up the ID card, explains how the ID card has changed his everyday life.

Bach's friend Mizler once said "music is the act of sounding mathematics". But is this the case? Stephen Hough, a pianist and composer, and mathematician Marcus du Sautoy discuss the connection between the two disciplines overlap.



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