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Today: Thursday 29th April

The leaders of the three main parties are preparing for their final TV debate, overshadowed by the fallout from Gordon Brown calling a Labour voter "bigoted". And an oil leak off the Gulf of Mexico is thought to be one of the worst spills in US history..

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Opponents of the Prime Minister say yesterday's events reveal the truthful personality of the Labour party leader. Gordon Brown was forced to apologise to a voter after being overheard calling her a "bigot". Dr Jonathan Wills, an old friend of Gordon Brown, comments on the Prime Minister's character.

The business news with Adam Shaw.

Support for the Liberal Democrats has increased around the UK. Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones comments on how the Lib Dem "surge" could affect his party's hopes of gaining more seats in the next Parliament.

Pioneering heart surgery using a robot arm has been carried out for the first time in the world by a British team. Cardiologist Dr Andre Ng who used the robotic arm, describes how the revolutionary technique can be used to treat patients.

Greece's economic crisis could spread "like ebola", the head of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has warned after Spain's credit rating was down-graded. Economics editor Stephanie Flanders outlines the latest in the Eurozone's economic crisis, and German MEP Elmar Brok comments on where German opinion stands on the Greek rescue plan.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

The election campaign has seen a debate on reforming public services. But research by the 2020 Public Service Trust suggests that the public are already quite happy with how services are run. Home editor Mark Easton analyses the report and the chairman of the Commission on 2020 Public Services, Sir Andrew Foster, examines the policy implications.

The paper review.

In Scotland four parties are vying to win seats in the general election, with opinion polls putting Labour first and the Tories last. Today presenter James Naughtie reports from the rural County of Angus on how people there will be voting.

Thought for the day with the Canon Lucy Winkett of St Paul's Cathedral.

Tonight's third and final live TV debate will focus on the main parties' economic policies. Tim Harford, Undercover Economist at the Financial Times and presenter of Radio 4's More or Less programme, examines whether the parties' explanation of spending cuts throughout the election campaign is misleading the electorate.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown will be hoping to use tonight's leaders debate to draw a line under yesterday's "bigot" gaffe and re-focus voters' attention on the economy, which he believes is his strongest suit. Political editor Nick Robinson examines how the incident will impact on the party's traditional support and Home Secretary Alan Johnson comments on how much the row will damage the Prime Minister's reputation.

As the extraordinary election campaign unfolds, the Today programme has been given an exclusive insight into the the country's leading satirical magazine Private Eye to see how it is covering the campaign and coping with Cleggmania.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

In the weeks since the election campaign began, Today presenter John Humphrys has been looking at some of the big trends that have shaped our lives since Labour came to power 13 years ago. In his latest report, John investigates how attitudes to homosexuality have changed in recent years.

The business news with Adam Shaw.

All the political parties say they are happy talking about immigration, but it is the main policy priority for the British National Party. The party's leader Nick Griffin outlines the BNP's immigration policies.

The leaders' TV debates have seen a first for general elections - The Worm - the device used by broadcasters and pollsters to gauge the instant reaction of a specially selected audience to what the main leaders are saying. Writer and comedian AL Kennedy has written two speeches for the Today programme, one designed to thrill The Worm, and and the other to worry it.

The Scottish National Party are campaigning for further devolution in Scotland. Iain McMillan of the Confederation of British industry in Scotland, Carol Craig author of The Tears that make the Clyde, and Gerry Hassan political commentator and author of Scotland the Union, debate Scotland's appetite for further devolved powers.

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