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Today: Wednesday 28th April

Worries about the Greek debt crisis spreading across Europe have led to sharp falls in share prices around the world. Political parties are being challenged about their plans to cut the budget deficit. And David Cameron has been quoting Gladstone but what would the Liberal statesman have made of him?

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Thousands of civil servants marched through Athens to protest against the threat of new austerity measures being imposed on the country by the eurozone and the IMF. The BBC's Malcolm Brabant reports from Athens and economics editor Stephanie Flanders outlines the possible effects on the UK economy.

The much-heralded "new media election" has been dominated by the traditional medium, television. But, as the presenter of Radio 4's Media Show, Steve Hewlett, discovers, the main political parties are still attempting to organise and publicise their campaigns online.

The business news with Adam Shaw.

Carer John Miles, who lives in Bath and looks after his wife who has Alzheimer's disease, describes his life, and Liberal Democrat health spokesman, Norman Lamb, outlines his party's approach to assisting unpaid carers.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

Former assistant police commissioner, Bob Quick speaks about his decision to arrest Damian Green as part of his controversial inquiry into leaks from the Home Office.

The paper review.

Justin Webb examines the state of the economy in his hometown of Bath and what it tells about the way Britain is changing and how this might affect the election.

Thought for the day with the Right Reverend James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies says none of the three main parties at Westminster has come "anywhere close" to making it clear where spending cuts would be made. BBC political editor Nick Robinson analyses where the parties stand on cutting government debt.

Greek debt has been downgraded to "junk" by the rating agency Standard and Poors due to the country's likelihood to default on its borrowings. Economist Neil Mackinnon and Foreign Secretary David Miliband examine how the UK economy might be affected by the Greek economic crisis.

Author Will Self will be investigating various aspects of the 2010 General Election between now and polling day. He starts by looking at fringe candidates who have taken up the mantle of the late Screaming Lord Sutch.

Film maker and photographer Alison Jackson is searching for lookalikes of Gordon Brown. So if you are, or know, the Labour leader's doppelganger, please send your pictures to today@bbc.co.uk.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

There are nearly a million people in the UK between the ages of 16 and 24 who are not in any employment, education or training - the so-called Neets. How does this so called 'lost generation' view politics? Today presenter Sarah Montague heard the views of a group of Neets.

The business news with Adam Shaw.

Editor of the Journal of Liberal History, Duncan Brack and professor Richard Aldous discuss the history of liberalism and whether it lives on under Nick Clegg.

Today is the last day of the largest religious gathering in the world, the Kumbh Mela. BBC correspondent Chris Morris reports on the event from India.

Jane Robbins, author of a new book The Magnificent Spilsbury, looks back to when the evidence of expert witnesses first began to be used in English courtrooms.

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