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Friday 23rd April

The second of the leaders' debates saw David Cameron and Gordon Brown focussing attention on Nick Clegg. Three people have been injured in a car bomb attack near a police station in County Armagh. Have high levels of immigration led to racial tension as Enoch Powell once predicted?

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According to the first poll by YouGov the winner of the leaders' debate was Cameron by a nose. Strathclyde University's Prof John Curtice analyses the performance of all three candidates.

Each of the men in the leaders' debate referred to facts and figures. But did they add up?. The BBC's election fact checker Tim Harford from Radio 4's More of Less

analyses the politicians' claims.

The soldiers of 4 Rifles are preparing to come home from Afghanistan. Over the past six months one of their commanders, Major Richard Streatfeild has been sending us regular dispatches from the frontline. In one of his last reports, he reflects on soldiers' superstitions.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

The Hubble Space Telescope turns 20 this weekend. Tom Feilden examines whether it has received the appreciation it deserves for the vital role it has played in expanding our understanding the universe.

Sports news with Chris Dennis.

So, who was the winner of last night's prime ministerial debate? The instant polls give conflicting verdicts. Labour's election co-ordinator, Douglas Alexander, analyses Gordon Brown's performance.

The paper review.

Immigration is an important issue in the election and indeed it figures in the manifestos of all the main parties. John Humphrys investigates what has changed and why the politicians feel more obliged to discuss the issue without being accused of racism.

Thought for the day with Lord Harries of Pentregarth, Gresham Professor of Divinity.

President Obama has warned that the financial crisis could repeat itself unless tough reforms are passed by Congress. Business editor Robert Peston explains the president's fears.

Who won the second prime ministerial debate? And has the Lib Dem bandwagon been derailed following glaring success of the first one? Liberal Democrat Danny Alexander and Conservative William Hague reflect on the debate.

Travellers stranded by the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud are drifting back to the UK but the Crypt Choir of the King's School, Canterbury, will have to wait another week to get back to Britain. Andrew Harding visits the teenagers and their teachers in their Johannesburg hotel.

Sports news with Chris Dennis.

The polling organisations have had their say as to who won and lost last night's debate. We invited a panel of the people who watched it. How did our four panellists rate the three contenders?

Many politicians promote volunteering but millions of us already volunteer. BBC reporter Kevin Connolly is on a journey from Norwich to the Highlands of Scotland to find out just how many of us already step in where the state fears to tread.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

The world's first full face transplant has been successfully performed by a team of 30 doctors in Spain. As well as new skin tissue the patient received new cheekbones, facial muscles, teeth, palate, skin, nose, lips and jaw. James Partridge, founder of the charity Changing Faces, which supports people with disfigurements, explains the importance of such advances.

The soldiers from 4 Rifles in Afghanistan invited the choreographer Rosie Kay to produce a new work of contemporary dance with them. Rebecca Jones visited the rehearsal before its premiere at the International Dance Festival in Birmingham.

It's St Georges Day. Not that many people seem to know that. A poll out this week found that only a third of those questioned were aware it was the saint's day today and 40% did not know why he was the patron saint of England. Writer Richard Weight examines the truth behind the legend of England's patron saint.

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