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Monday 19th April

EU transport ministers are to hold emergency talks on easing the ash cloud chaos paralysing air travel across Europe. And today's election campaigning is expected to focus on the economy, society and green issues.

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EU transport ministers are to hold emergency talks on how millions of air passengers stranded by the volcanic ash cloud can be transported home. More than 6.8 million passengers have been affected so far as the crisis enters its fifth day. Nicola Stanbridge reports on how passengers are trying to conduct their own rescue attempts.

The International Air Transport Association (Iata) is to hold a press conference today on how European governments are dealing with the shutdown of Europe's airports, which it estimates is costing airlines $200m a day. Giovanni Bisignani, the Iata's director general, comments on the damage to the air industry.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

Pope Benedict XVI is to mark the fifth anniversary of his papacy today, as the Roman Catholic church continues to be mired in the crisis of sexual abuse scandal. In the Pope's home country of Germany, a quarter of the church's followers are contemplating leaving the faith. Steve Rosenberg reports from the Pope's home region of Bavaria.

The National Air Traffic Services (Nats) has advised that airports are to remain closed until tonight due to the ash cloud from the eruption of a volcano in Iceland. 6.8m air passengers have been left stranded as the crisis enters its fifth day. Graeme Mason, head of corporate affairs and planning at Newcastle Airport, discusses the impact on the local economy of the halt in air travel.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

David Cameron has reacted to the Liberal Democrat surge in the opinion polls by warning a vote for Nick Clegg could see the country being "stuck" with Labour. Opinion polls suggest the Lib Dems have enjoyed a sharp rise in support following the first TV debate. Jim Naughtie speaks to voters in Durham, a traditional Labour strong-hold but where the Lib Dems are seeing a rise in public support. Political correspondent Norman Smith reports on how Tory MPs are reacting to Clegg's growing popularity.

The paper review.

World-renowned artist MacKenzie Thorpe is holding his first home-town exhibition in Middlesbrough this weekend, One Man's Journey. James Naughtie took a sneak preview of the artist's home debut.

Thought for the day with Reverend Dr Giles Fraser.

Gordon Brown has called for a "special investigation" into investment bank Goldman Sachs after reports that it is to pay £3.5bn in bonuses. Mr Brown's comments come as the Wall Street powerhouse faces civil charges of fraud in the United States. Financial journalist and author Gregory Zuckerman explains the case against the bank, and chairman of Better Capital Jon Moulton comments on the continued bonus culture.

The government's emergency committee Cobra is set to meet to tackle how to rescue passengers stranded abroad from the ongoing suspension of flights due to a cloud of volcanic ash. Environment correspondent Tom Feilden outlines the danger posed to aeroplanes, and Tim Jeans managing director of Monarch Airlines, comments on whether the continued grounding of flights is justified. Transport Secretary Lord Adonis outlines the alternatives being investigated by European governments.

David Cameron has reacted to the Liberal Democrat surge in the opinion polls by warning a vote for Nick Clegg could see the country being "stuck" with Labour. Opinion polls suggest the Lib Dems have enjoyed a sharp rise in support following the first TV debate last Thursday. Tim Montgomerie, editor of the ConservativeHome website, assesses the party's reaction to the Lib Dems' growing popularity.

Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy has written a poem especially for the Today programme on the continued disruption caused by the volcanic ash cloud crippling air travel across Europe.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

Throughout the election campaign, the Today programme is examining how Britain has changed since the Labour government came to power 13 years ago. John Humphrys reports on Labour's NHS legacy.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

The north east of England, best known for its heavy industry and coal, is now trying to become a centre for Green energy. Dermot Roddy, professor of energy at Newcastle University and Mitesh Dhanak, group business development director at Eaga, outline the rejuvenation of the region's energy production.

Security service MI5 secretly bugged five prime ministers and their cabinets for nearly 15 years, according to reports in the Mail on Sunday. The disclosure follows several denials that this practice ever took place. Investigative journalist Stephen Dorril, and Joe Haines, to prime minister Harold Wilson, examine the implication of the secret recording of private government conversations.

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