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Today: Saturday 17th April

The opening of airports has been postponed again as ash from a volcano in Iceland continues to drift across Europe. The investment bank, Goldman Sachs, says it will fight charges that it has perpetrated a $1bn fraud. And the sounds of silence under the flightpath when the skies are empty.

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The paper review.

In the early hours of this morning Manchester airport announced it would not be operating flights due to worsening forecasts of the ash cloud. Correspondent Steve Blears discusses how officials have warned the cloud from Iceland could continue to disrupt European airspace for several days.

With less than three weeks to go to the election the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has been thrust into the front line and can now expect a great deal of attention as the other parties turn on him. Political Correspondent Louse Stewart discusses how the leaders of the three main parties at Westminster are spending the weekend on the campaign stump following the first televised prime ministerial debate.

The Polish authorities say they are still planning to go ahead with the funeral for the president, Lech Kaczynski and his wife Mari, on Sunday, despite the travel disruption caused by the volcano in Iceland. Correspondent Duncan Kennedy discusses how the cloud of volcanic ash that has shut Europe's airports may prevent world leaders attending.

In the last two general elections, only about 60 per cent of registered voters have actually gone to the polling booth. A significant decline from the typical post-war turnout of around 75 per cent. What's been going on? To find out, Today presenter Evan Davis spent yesterday in the constituency with the lowest turnout in the last election, Liverpool Riverside.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

The National Air Traffic Service has reimposed the ban on flights to cover the whole of the UK and extended it until at least seven o'clock this evening. Dr. Thorvaldur Thordarson, a reader in vulcanology, discusses whether it is possible to tell how long the current volcanic activity in Iceland will go on.

We have enjoyed a housing boom and then something of a bust. Evan Davis meets a Manchester estate agent from Didsbury who explains the state of the housing market there.

The paper review.

Thought for the day with Vishvapani, a member of the Western Buddhist Order.

With the general election approaching, how are the parties advertising their campaign? Correspondent Kevin Connolly on his election tour of the UK explains how he is astounded by the number of new signs springing up telling him not to do something.

Goldman Sachs has been accused of fraud in a civil suit filed by US financial watchdog, the Securities and Exchange Commission. Founder of Reuters Breaking Views Hugo Dixon and assistant editor of the Financial Times Gillian Tett discuss the allegations and how Goldman faces a tough fight.

One subject that hasn't yet edged its way into the forefront of the election campaign is war, which will no doubt feature in next week's leaders' debate. Labour's Bob Ainsworth, Liberal Democrat Nick Harvey and Angus Robertson of the SNP discuss where the parties stand on the long-term presence of UK troops in Afghanistan.

The grounding of flights across much of Europe is starting to be a serious problem causing hundreds of thousands to search for hotel rooms, train tickets or rental cars. Philosopher and author Alain de Botton discusses how in a future world without aeroplanes, children would gather at the feet of old men, and hear extraordinary tales of a mythic time when vast and complicated machines the size of several houses used to take to the skies.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

Restrictions on flights over UK and Wales remain in force until at least seven o'clock tonight. Simon Calder is the travel editor of the Independent, outlines the current situation and gives his advice for air travellers looking for a flight or compensation.

Agnes Sina-Inakoju, a 16 year-old girl who was shot in a takeaway shop in East London died yesterday. Janet Williams of The Crib Youth Club in Hackney, discusses how Agnes always involved in what the youth club was doing and how the whole community is shocked by the death.

Based on the latest information from the Met Office, Nats advises that the restrictions currently in place across UK controlled airspace will remain in place until at least 0100 tomorrow. Paul Haskins who is head of safety at Nata explains how the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland is moving around and changing shape.

In the last two general elections, only about 60% of registered voters have actually gone to the polling booth, a significant decline from the typical post-war turnout of around 75%. Andrew Russell, a senior lecturer of politics from Manchester University, discusses the reasons why people are not voting.

The scream of plane engines is a familiar sound to people living under the Heathrow flight path but all is temporarily quiet near the west London airport. James Naughtie savours the silence as he walks in Richmond, near Kew Gardens, in one of the great Royal Parks and along a lovely stretch of the River Thames.

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