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Today: Monday 12th April

Labour is set to launch its manifesto, which the BBC has learned will include a pledge not to raise income tax rates. And a car bomb has exploded near an Army base in Holywood, County Down, forcing the evacuation of several homes.

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Whichever party wins the election, cuts will be made to public sector spending. These will have a particular impact on Wales, which has some of the poorest areas of Britain, and has relied heavily on public spending for economic regeneration. Sarah Montague reports from the south Wales valleys.

Europe has agreed a bail-out deal for debt-hit Greece, providing up to 30bn euros in emergency loans if the country requests assistance. Economics editor Stephanie Flanders outlines the deal.

The business news with Adam Shaw.

Google's takeover of social-networking site Facebook has raised pressure for the site to install a "panic button" to help protect children against being groomed by paedophiles. The site has so far refused to introduce the system. Jim Gamble, chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency (Ceop), explains current online protection measures.

At least 20 people have been killed and more than 800 injured in clashes between Thai troops and opposition supporters in Bangkok over the weekend. Opposition demonstrators, the red shirts, have been protesting for the return of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra who was ousted from office in a military coup in September 2006. Anthony Joh, an eyewitness in Bangkok, describes the clashes.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

The pay of NHS bosses in England has soared by almost 7% over the past year, more than double the rise for nurses, according to an Income Data Survey. Steve Tatton, the report's editor, and Jo Webber, deputy director of the NHS Confederation, debate NHS managers' pay.

The paper review.

As Labour prepare to reveal its manifesto later today, will this year's party leader TV debate obscure the traditional manifesto? Michael Dobbs, former chief of staff at Conservative Central Office, and Paul Whiteley, professor of politics and co-director of British Election Study at Essex University, examine whether election manifestos actually sway voters.

Thought for the day with Reverend Roy Jenkins, Baptist Minister in Cardiff.

Northern Ireland politicians are due to meet today for the formal devolution of policing and the election of a justice minister, expected to be David Ford, leader of the cross-community Alliance Party. The meeting comes as a car bomb exploded near an Army base in County Down, forcing the evacuation of several homes. Dr Michael Petterson OBE, a former member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary and currently a clinical psychologist working with ex-RUC members affected by the troubles, and Terry Spence, head of the Police Federation of Northern Ireland, examine how policing in Northern Ireland has changed over the decades.

The Labour Party is to launch its election manifesto today, expected to pledge not to increase income tax, the BBC has learnt. The BBC's political editor Nick Robinson analyses the manifesto and its author, Energy Secretary Ed Miliband, outlines his party's programme.

The body of Polish President Lech Kaczynski is to lie in state in the capital Warsaw as the nation mourns the victims of the Smolensk air crash. He and 95 others, including many top defence officials and public figures, died when their jet crashed en route to a war memorial service in Russia. Correspondent Brian Hanrahan reports from Warsaw.

Forty years ago today, the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission blasted of for its flight to the moon. Two days into the voyage an explosion left the astronauts struggling to return to Earth, running low on power and water. Science correspondent Pallab Ghosh spoke to the mission's commander, Jim Lovell, who looked back on the story that gripped the entire world.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

Leading scientists will gather tonight to vote on a motion that could transform the leadership of the Royal Institution. Supporters of the sacked director, Baroness Greenfield, want to remove the current council and replace it with a new team. Professor Sir Harry Kroto, a Nobel Prize-winning chemist who was asked to apply for the directorship, and Colin Blakemore, professor of neuroscience at Oxford University, examine the Royal Institute's role in the modern world.

What will happen if we end up with a hung parliament? The outcome could be an extraordinary opportunity for the Democratic Unionists, which is currently power-sharing with Sinn Fein at Stormont. Kevin Connolly analyses the parties' election prospects.

The business news with Adam Shaw.

The Scottish National Party is set to launch its election campaign. BBC Scotland's political editor, Brian Taylor, outlines the party's electoral ambitions.

The Department for Works and Pensions has the biggest spending debt out of all the government departments. Almost half of its spending goes to state pension payments, and the rest on benefits. Shadow secretaries for Work and Pensions, the Liberal Democrats' Steve Webb and the Conservatives' Theresa May, and Labour's welfare minister Jim Knight, outline their parties' welfare reform plans.

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