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Page last updated at 08:15 GMT, Friday, 9 April 2010 09:15 UK

Cameron: 12bn savings are 'deliverable'


The Conservative leader, David Cameron says that his party needs to go "further and faster on public spending than Labour" but insists savings can be made without people losing their jobs.

Interviewed by Today presenter Evan Davis, Mr Cameron rejected Labour claims about Conservative plans to reduce public expenditure.

"All these claims that Labour have been making that it is not deliverable to save £12bn pounds gross, £6bn pounds net in the first year of Conservative government simply are not right, it is doable, it is deliverable," he said.

"It isn't particularly challenging to ask government to save £1 out of every £100 spent."

And he insisted that large savings could be made by not filling public sector vacancies as they arose. "If you don't fill all jobs as they become available that is one way of saving money relatively rapidly," he said. "That means you can actually save money without anyone losing their job."

But Mr Cameron said it was impossible to predict exactly how many public sector jobs would be closed until he had access to the spending figures of governmental departments.

He also pledged to address the causes of poverty and "stop the endless tail chasing of top pay in the public sector," adding that "we should be looking at road charges and tolls, not as an eye-in-the-sky scheme".

And the Tory leader admitted "you always feel frustrated in politics that people haven't 'got' you... I have tried to do politics in a different way."

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