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Kinnock: 'The alternatives are stark'


Gordon Brown is set to officially launch the general election campaign when he visits the Queen in Buckingham Palace this morning.

With the uncertainty in the polls, the outcome of the election is far from certain, bringing with it memories of the 1992 vote won by John Major's Conservatives.

The Labour leader who lost that poll, Lord Kinnock, spoke on the Today programme about the comparison with 1992, saying that the situation today was radically different.

"I don't think we'll learn much from 1992," he said.

"What Gordon can and will do, is to publicise the record and show that there is a firm and effective future with Labour."

And Lord Kinnock admitted that "personality politics" - of the kind that may have led to his own 1992 defeat - would play a important role in the forthcoming campaign.

"The concentration on personalities is even stronger than it was in 1992," he said, but that it was character and not media soundbites that would win the day.

"If you want charisma, buy a ticket for the cinema."


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