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Page last updated at 09:20 GMT, Saturday, 27 March 2010

Paisley: 'There had to be repentance'


Reverend Ian Paisley earlier this week announced he was standing down from politics after a long and controversial career.

Speaking to Today presenter John Humphrys at his home in East Belfast, Dr Paisley described how he once prayed with Martin McGuinness, when his mother was seriously ill adding: "he said will you pray with me and I said I certainly will."

He explained that he was able to change his relationship with Mr McGuinness because, "there is such a thing as forgiveness and forgiveness rests upon a rejection of your old ways. There's no doubt about it that Sinn Fein have done that."

When asked if he regretted obstructing the peace process leading to further deaths he replied, "I don't accept that." He added that "there had to be a repentance" for killings.

"I made it possible to have the day that we have today and to see the miracle happen."


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