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Page last updated at 08:42 GMT, Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Microchipping 'way forward' for dangerous dogs


The government is proposing new measures to deal with dangerous dogs, including compulsory insurance for every dog-owner in the UK. Ministers say they are responding to growing public concern about vicious dogs being used to intimidate people.

James Beaufoy, secretary of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier club, told the Today programme that inserting a microchip under the skin of certain breeds of dog "will help combat the breeding of dangerous dogs. It puts the onus on the person who owns the dog".

But, while agreeing with the general proposal, Peter Tallack, a former Met Police dog handler who now trains police forces around the UK on how to deal with dangerous dogs, told the programme that chipping dogs would be "no good unless there is a registration on the end of it".

But he added that "the difficulty was always establishing who was the owner, who was in control of the dog. I don't think there's a choice other than dog registration in the next few years to try and prevent this, because at least if a dog wasn't registered or it wasn't microchipped we wouldn't be wasting hours of man hours trying to find out who the owner was".


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