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Today: Saturday 20th February

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Gordon Brown will speak of "a future fair for all" later as he unveils Labour's election themes to party activists. And the Dutch government has collapsed over disagreements within the governing coalition on extending troop deployments in Afghanistan.

Gordon Brown is to unveil Labour's election slogan "a future fair for all" to party activists in the West Midlands later today. Political correspondent Iain Watson previews the speech.

The Dutch government has collapsed after coalition parties failed to agree over a Nato request to extend the Netherlands' military mission in Afghanistan. It had been planned to withdraw the troops later this year. Correspondent Geraldine Coughlan outlines the breakdown.

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Argentina's deputy foreign minister Victorio Taccetti has defended his government's decision to restrict shipping access to the Falkland Islands, describing the response as a proportionate reaction to Britain's unilateral decision to drill for oil in disputed territory. Correspondent Andrew Harding spoke to Mr Taccetti about what he wanted from a deal.

Kenya's coalition government is in danger of collapse due to widespread corruption and rifts between the President Mwai Kibaki and the Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Mr Odinga tried to suspend two ministers over corruption allegations but the president annulled his decision. The coalition formed two years ago as part of a peace deal after more than a 1,000 people died in violent protests. Will Ross reports from Nairobi.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has called for an independent review to urgently investigate more than 25 allegations that the government knew of the torture of Britons being held abroad. John Wadham, the EHRC's legal director, examines the prospect of an inquiry.

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Does your house seem to be getting dustier each time you go to vacuum? New research suggests that climate change is making the planet dustier. Science correspondent Tom Feilden investigated the findings.

Skeleton bobsleigh competitor Amy Williams has won Britain's first solo Winter Olympics gold medal for 30 years. Correspondent John Maguire joined in the victory celebrations in Bath where where Ms Williams trained.

Thought for the day with The Reverend Rob Marshall, an Anglican Priest.

The number of arrests of senior Taleban figures in Pakistan has increased with the US is attributing the success to the Af-Pak strategy, a joint challenge on both Pakistan and Afghanistan. The success comes as Operation Moshtarak, the Afghan-Nato insertion to eliminate the Taleban from Helmand strongholds, passes its first week. Islamabad correspondent Aleem Maqbool outlines Pakistan's strategy against the Taleban, and Khalid Aziz, head of the Regional Institute of Policy Research and Training , an independent think-tank based in Peshawar, examines whether the crack-down's progress can be attributed to the Af-Pak strategy.

Labour's slogan for the 2010 election, A Future Fair for All, is to be officially unveiled by the prime minister at a campaign event today in the West Midlands. International Development Secretary and Labour election co-ordinator Douglas Alexander discusses Labour's election strategy.

Darius Danesh has won ITV show Popstar to Operastar in which pop singers try to switch to opera singing. Neil Fisher, deputy arts editor for The Times, and John Allison, editor of Opera magazine and chief music critic for Sunday Telegraph, debate whether the show has improved accessibility to opera.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

The assassination of a leading Hamas commander in Dubai is being firmly linked to the Israeli secret service, Mossad, who attempted a similar assassination attempt on Khaled Meshal, chairman of Hamas' political bureau, in Amman in 1997. Middle East correspondent Jeremy Bowen looks back on the Meshal assassination attempt, and Yossi Melman, an intelligence and military affairs correspondent for leading Israeli newspaper Daily Haaretz, considers whether assassination attempts are justified.

The paper review.

What's the difference between a writer and a ghost writer? With the recent release of two films, Roman Polanski's The Ghost and French film L'Autre Dumas, ghost-writing has taken centre stage. Ghostwriter Andrew Crofts, and the professor of modern literature at University College London, John Sutherland, examines the role of ghost-writing in the literary world.

Great Britain's newest Olympic champion says that she did not know she had won the Skeleton bob event until her coach told her. 27 year-old Amy Williams was more than half a second quicker than the rest of the field at the Vancouver games after the fourth and final heat, becoming the Britain's first individual winter Olympic gold medallist since the skater Robin Cousins triumphed in Lake Placid in 1980. Ms Williams gives her first reactions to her victory. Ms Williams gives her first reactions to her victory.

The film director Quentin Tarantino has won the Dilys Powell Award for Excellence in Cinema, the highest accolade awarded by the London Film Critics' Circle. His latest film has been nominated for Bafta and Oscar awards. Reporter Nicola Stanbridge spoke to Mr Tarantino about his films' success.

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How important are election campaign slogans in attracting votes? As Labour unveils its "a future fair for all" motto other parties will reveal there slogans in the build-up to the election expected in May. Michael Dobbs, former advisor to Margaret Thatcher, and Matthew Taylor, former head of the Policy Unit at Downing Street under Tony Blair, look back on the hits and misses of campaign slogans.



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