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Your choir on Today

The South Oxhey Community Choir perform at St Albanís Cathedral

Robert Wyatt may be a non-believer and one of the pioneers of psychedelic rock, but he still loves the sound of a good church choir.

The former Soft Machine drummer is one of Today's guest editors and is using the position to promote amateurs who spend their spare time singing.

"Amateur means somebody who does something for love and I can't think of a better reason to doing anything," he says.

"You can hear in people's voice that they're not doing it because they have to but they are doing it because they want.

"There's a sense of commitment and meaning in that I really like."


Robert Wyatt wants to play some of the nation's best amateur choirs on his New Year's Day programme.

If you think the choir you sing in deserves a public hearing, we'd like to hear from you.

We need just two minutes of the sound of your choir, and there are a few ways to send it to us.

You will need a recording of your choir in a digital format which you can then either upload to the BBC website or email to with "Today Choir" as the title.

The files need to be under 50MB in size and make sure you provide details of choir and the music being sung, along with email contact details.

Alternatively you can post the recording on CD to the following address:

Today Programme Choir
Room G630
Stage 6
Television Centre
W12 7RJ

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